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JT   DJTexc@verizon.net
11-11-2010 7:35:31 PM CST
rookie stock for sale

To Glen
11-10-2010 2:12:28 PM CST
Riverside Speedway in Groveton NH has a 150 lap "enduro style" snow race (Pre-Hangover 150) in January.

Recon XXX
11-10-2010 2:04:01 PM CST
Hey everyone, We are selling Dereks car (orange #12 roadrunner) The car is complete and needs nothing. Why build one when you can buy one for what the motor cost. This car is very fast and has won alot of races. Way too many extra parts to list. This car can be run in the thunder lights or Roadrunners at hudson / star or any other 4cly class / track. Asking $4000 B.O. Call John 603 801 3127 Thanks

billy c   woz3@unh.edu
11-10-2010 10:53:45 AM CST
hey jeff I have a 2001 saturn sl2 for $250 runs and drives good auto 4 door email me if anyone is interested. Good beginning car too. woz3@unh.edu

jeff G #00
11-10-2010 9:37:19 AM CST
I'm looking for an enduro car for next season. Preferibly a honda or import but interested in anything for under $500. Stripped or not works 2 and maybe even interested in a full size enduro. Let me know what you have or interested in any trades i may have. Thanks

And a hush falls over the crowd...
11-10-2010 9:24:06 AM CST
...as we all fall into winter hibernation.

car 31
11-08-2010 8:57:11 PM CST
quit bitchin lol better chance of hell freezing over... i didnt mind the banquet , dont care much for the food at that particular resturant but the beers are still cold and all the people i know are there so id say it was a sucsess

johnny reefer 11x
11-08-2010 8:15:05 PM CST
if you think of it, we all go to the banquit because we are all racing brothers at a faturnity, like delta house. i know i race with a great bunch of people in the roadrunners. im sure all other divisions feel the same. bob gives us a place to race, and we all get together at the end of the year to shoot the shit, have a few beers, an get trophies, what the hells wrong with that. and now we have star again, pretty cool i think. happy hollidays to all. who knows, maybe someone will get a card with thirty dollars in it and stop bitching.

Leon 13K
11-08-2010 3:51:48 PM CST
amen to that

Jen Couture
11-08-2010 3:47:48 PM CST
Unlike some of the comments posted, I really enjoyed the banquet (as things are what we make of them!) Made some really great friends this season & will miss our racing family over the winter break! Thanks for a fun season everyone! See you all in May :)

to the people complaining about the price
11-08-2010 2:40:56 PM CST
try renting a banquet hall, paying cooks, paying people to clean up, paying for food, paying for trophies & plaques for only 9.95 a person! yeah right! 30 dollars is reasonable for all of that. if all you want to do is eat, then go out by yourself. if you want to get a trophy and celebrate the racing season with your racing friends then suck it up and stop whining.

Leon 13K
11-08-2010 2:07:47 PM CST
the road runner table i sat with had a great time. 07, 69, 47, 20 and 13K over in the back. hell we even got moved cause the tables were messed up. we had a lot of fun even if the hall opened up a bit late. Was shocked to see that even driver as far back as 26th in points got a trophy if they put in a full year at the track and attended the banquet. Makes you feel like the track WANTS their drivers to KNOW they are valued. tough to beat that one. the "Thank you" trophies are bigger then the division championship plaque you get at Monadnock (a NASCAR track by the way) only thing that i didnt like was ONE rookie of the year to cover all divisions, and one most improved for the whole track. one for each of the divisions is usually the way tracks run that but i guess it makes the accomplishment a bigger deal for the winners of them awards. Congrats to everyone and were already looking forward to 2011.

11-08-2010 10:41:30 AM CST
nanking has a allyou caneat every night for 995

11-08-2010 8:58:46 AM CST
Went to the banquet Saturday and was highly disappointed. $30 for a tix , doors were supposed to open at 5:45 didn't get in til close to 6:30 took forever to start awards. All divisions up to 5th place got dinky trophys. 1 total rookie of the year award, 1 total most improved driver award, how cheap was that for $30 a pop? And then over an hour wait to finish awards for the champions? Food was typical but for the same price as a ticket to the mill house a few years ago that had a dj, prime rib and decent trophies and hall ya right. Glad to see Star back open but highly disappointed with this banquet

hey buzzedman
11-07-2010 6:23:57 PM CST
shame you have no respect for others that mean well.. I would like to see you go to some chinese restuarant and order what is put out for 9.95? why dont you invite all the fans and race drivers to your house next year and cook for us! Make sure you have steaks lobsters prime rib chicken open bar... oh ya and a live band Thank you Mr Webber for a great season and bringing Star back we appreciate your hard work and staff for everything you do for us!!

11-07-2010 4:42:34 PM CST
Who cares how much it cost, its all about supporting your local track. Thankyou again to the Webber family from the New England V6 Modifieds

11-07-2010 11:42:14 AM CST
yes i was a noshow for 30 dollars i went last year just saying 30 dollars for a 995 meal is crazy with no dj or dancing and the employees get zippo

11-07-2010 10:08:22 AM CST
let me get this right, if "no show" was in fact a no show, what the hell are you crying abt? you obviously contributed ZERO, lets hear from those that attended

no show
11-07-2010 9:40:36 AM CST
30 dollars a ticket for a 999 buffette no music no dance heard there was no awards for employees just a hand wave more money for webbers what a rip off

Jessie (07's Girl)   jessie@angrypork.com
11-07-2010 7:15:27 AM CST
Congrats to everyone who got trophies and awards last night!

11-07-2010 7:09:19 AM CST
guss i'd better fix the heater

11-07-2010 6:10:11 AM CST
Looks like Jaffery is closest to you. I'm pretty sure they run front wheel drive 4 cyl and two modified divisions. Racing on average starts the end of January when there is 12 inches of ice.

11-06-2010 3:43:19 PM CST
Lane, what 1 is closest to Rhode Island let me know when it starts

11-05-2010 5:30:27 PM CST
Glen, You don't have to wait til May to race, ice racing on Northwood Lake, Milton Three Ponds, Jaffery and Moultonboro. Its a cheap way to beat the winter racing blues.

11-05-2010 10:19:29 AM CST
Star and Hudson will both have full schedules for 2011. Star will be running saturday nights and Hudson sundays.

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