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03-05-2011 4:56:12 PM CST
leon maybe u should set up your car with the seat facing the rear of car instead of the front and mayb you'll drive faster!!

Jessie - 07's Girl   jessie@angrypork.com
03-05-2011 3:17:14 PM CST
I don't know... I didn't win the cupcake baking trophy & I'm a sore loser! I'll have to think of something new to do this year.

Nolan von Kercyan
03-05-2011 3:01:21 PM CST
Why dont they race thunderlights at star ?????????????

Leon 13K Road Runner
03-05-2011 11:56:57 AM CST
more anonymous people keep me laughing on crappy days. thanks guys :-)

hey jessie
03-05-2011 11:02:50 AM CST
jessie you going to have treats for us this year? How did you take a picture and make all the snow disapear?

Jessie - 07's Girl   jessie@angrypork.com
03-05-2011 7:01:19 AM CST
Jason Carroll has 2 L's! If you're gonna post claiming to be him, at least spell it right!

what will make your car go faster?
03-04-2011 11:59:52 PM CST
It depends on the driver how fast a race car goes? So if I bring Jimmie johnson and put him in a 5 hp go cart does that mean he will win an outlaw race? what the heck that is the most stupidist statement on here! other than your start at 1 back to 4 back to 3 then over to 6 message.. no smoking weed while typing!!

Jason Carrol
03-04-2011 4:59:23 PM CST
your better of using an automatic transmission car for the thunderlights divison, even if your son or you does know how to drive a manual.Im sorry to say, but that neon wouldnt be a good car for you in the thunderlights

Jessie - 07's Girl   jessie@angrypork.com
03-04-2011 2:27:53 PM CST

I miss Hudson! I can't wait till May 1st! Can't wait to set up my chair in the pits, hang out with the dog & watch some racing. What an awesome time.

03-04-2011 11:52:28 AM CST
Leon, don't listen to the morons that say stupid things. They probably never drove a race car. p.s. that little kid derek car drive like hell!

03-03-2011 11:01:02 PM CST
Leon most of the if not all of the kids in the thunder lights can out drive you. I bet if you put a couple of them in your saab they would run faster lap times then you.

Leon 13K Road Runner
03-03-2011 10:07:56 PM CST
whats "too fast" to race in the thunder lights? the 42 is stupid fast and so isnt that 21. it depends on driver as to how fast a car will go. i could get into Dereks car and i bet i wouldn't be any where near what he is as a driver.

03-03-2011 9:48:05 PM CST
no, ive seen the neon run its way to fast to run in thunderlights

RE David C
03-03-2011 5:36:55 PM CST
yea you shuold be able to drive it in the Thunder Lights. its very fast.

David C
03-03-2011 5:01:31 PM CST
I want to run the thunder lights, can any one tell me if i can run that 11x neon for sale on the next page back. And if so, how fast is it???

michael coulter
03-03-2011 1:03:02 PM CST
for sale, rookie stock camaro (#5) complete car 350-V8, this motor was done by Miller Machine. Car is ready to race, only needs some body work. This cars motor won rookie championship, was rebuilt by miller and took rookie of the year. motor has half a season on it. This is a fast car and ready to race. $3,500.00 call 978-815-4495, Jason

The Bigger Man Keeps His Mouth Shut
03-03-2011 9:10:21 AM CST
Enough bickering.

03-02-2011 3:40:27 PM CST
leon hows it feel to be irrelevant?

Leon 13K Road Runner
03-02-2011 11:23:42 AM CST
first off, i spoke with Danielle last evening. Hudson will be racing. thank you to her for clearing that up. Buzzy, you and the other 85% of the people that post here behind generic names can kiss off. Untill you can post who you are or have the fortitude to show your self at a track, then your opinions don't matter =) races will start at 1, but then they go to 4, then they end up going to 6 finally back to 1pm, thoes are the dates along with the special events that i like to know. After Speaking with someone that has a clue at least i can tell you that Hudson will be racing. and that is all i really care about. (again notice your opinion wasn't included in the list of things i care about)

03-01-2011 9:31:04 PM CST
so where is this 8 weeks to green flag? starting time 1 pm? taking place? cant wait for your response..see how accurate you are..

03-01-2011 8:57:11 PM CST
yup its all abt you, management owes you nothing, lets see new divisions? no new memorial races? no same weeks off? yes 8 weeks till the 1st green? yes starting time 1pm? yes thanks for your 2 cents leon i didnt think anyone really wanted to know

leon13k contact me
03-01-2011 2:04:27 PM CST
hey leon13k contact me at this email please have a question/info for ya thanks. racingkid2008@yahoo.com thanks

re:buzzbman scheduling
03-01-2011 12:50:41 PM CST
whining about a schedule? You have drivers who have been competing for years at Hudson. You have fans that have been supporting that track since day 1. The economy has sucked for several years and yet drivers familys show up to support short track racing at Hudson. Could they have gone to another track and raced sure why not! Plenty of other tracks that pay better have better seating food and a track that isnt falling apart. Or tell people if you want a schedule show up or go race elsewere? If your not managment shut your damn trap and let the ones that do the scheduling explain why there isnt one yet and what are the plans for 2011!!

jason berdling
03-01-2011 12:44:03 PM CST

i think thats really dumb the thunderlights dont run at star

Leon 13K Road Runner
03-01-2011 11:04:46 AM CST
i don't think that's the point Buzzy. i think its the fact he (and others) REALLY WANT to know whats up for 2011.

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