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New drivers
03-10-2011 10:12:09 AM CST
Any new drivers/cars in outlaws,or any class this year??

03-10-2011 9:15:29 AM CST
69 was definately most colorful!

outlaw best looking car
03-10-2011 7:22:18 AM CST
you guys are nuts, the 69 car was by far the best looking car.

03-09-2011 10:42:24 PM CST
definitely the 8 car for outlaws looked the best

Leon 13K Road Runner
03-09-2011 10:31:52 PM CST
I have the schedule. the hold up i believe from talking to the source of the schedule is that the town needs to do the annual inspection just to OK the dates. that will be done as soon as the snow is off the track. its the same pretty much as every other year. its not turning into a side show, its not loosing any divisions, Hudson is ready to go with a similar schedule as last year. don hayes, mighty mike and Fats Caruso Special event dates coming later.

03-09-2011 8:36:28 PM CST
for the outlaws, i think rick woodsides car ( # 8 ) was by far the best looking and fast car out there

03-09-2011 5:08:11 PM CST
outlaws are at hudson every other week this week starting on May 15th Rookies Roadrunners thunderlights every week

Division Champs
03-09-2011 4:31:52 PM CST
Have to have a schedule first before anyone can win anything at Hudson. Plus didnt think they were going to have the outlaws/rookies this year at Hudson due to Star opening?

03-09-2011 12:54:09 PM CST
Who will win the outlaw championship this year? How about top 5?

03-09-2011 9:55:56 AM CST
i think the the three outlaws car was 71,55,66.the 55 outlaw car even had to put his car back together after a car land on because the person didnt slow down for caution.

The Listener
03-09-2011 8:28:01 AM CST
I heard a rumor that Star would be a more of a professional track and Hudson was gonna be even more of a redneck olympic track. Kind of like that show Carpocolypse. True, False, I don't know just something I heard. Thoughts?

03-08-2011 9:09:24 PM CST
the 8 the 79and the 66

03-08-2011 8:39:26 PM CST
in your opinion what outlaw car had the best looks...list top 3 mumbers please and thankyou !

Derek #12
03-07-2011 8:45:08 PM CST
Thanks fan

Recon XXX
03-07-2011 3:21:12 PM CST

Still have both my enduro cars for sale. Black monte carlo $1000, and orange caprice $700. 603 801 3127 Thanks

03-07-2011 11:48:30 AM CST
the season hasnt even started yet and people are already being stupid. find something else to do with yourselves other than bitch on this site.

03-07-2011 11:31:47 AM CST
all u need a good driver and good handeling race car u can beat the cheaters.we used do it in strictly

03-07-2011 9:56:45 AM CST
Thats funny what you said, the 12 went from the lts. to the roadys,aa8 and the 77 car did the opposit, what requirments are you talking about.

David C
03-07-2011 9:01:00 AM CST
Did I not see the 42 and the 7 used to be 77 roadrunners in the thunder lights at season end. What does that neon have that they dont, or the 21 for that matter.

question on rules frank?
03-06-2011 9:16:05 PM CST
you take the past two years or even three top 10 cars. If you were to take their cars and go through them as they enter through the gates. This season 95% of them wouldnt even come close to what is on here for rules. So why tell someone that they have to abide what is written here or they cant race that car in that division?

re:frank d
03-06-2011 8:54:41 PM CST
There are no requirements other than to have four wheels a driver gas peddle brake to race at Hudson and a helmet. Thats why the divisions are a mess. The drivers that know how to cheat the system do and win all the time,finsih in the top five every year and walk away with championships. The ones that are learning and trying to go by the rules get screwed and wont be competitive.

Frank d
03-06-2011 11:54:54 AM CST
The neon doesn't meet the requirements people

Frank d
03-06-2011 11:54:54 AM CST
The neon doesn't meet the requirements people

03-06-2011 10:19:45 AM CST
Ya, you wouldent want to run that neon in the thunder lights, you might win or something, and that wouldent be good now would it.

03-06-2011 8:59:12 AM CST
thunder lites at star nooooooooooooooooooooo please 2 borring and slow need more then 5 cars

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