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all great ideas/but lets Race
03-16-2011 10:19:27 AM CST
As you pointed out the track condition possibly has another 1 -3 yrs before its gone completly. Just a matter of time some sunday a good wreck and metal from a car goes into one of those cracks rips up the track and thats it for racing. The parking in the fields cant happen it was purchased by a contractor for house/condos. Contractor was smart he would open it and charge like $5 a car. Or make agreement with the office building from the pits. Get the parking out of the pit area could enlarge the pits.

johnny r 11x
03-16-2011 8:03:47 AM CST
back in 70 or 71 wend the tate bro. got the track from the late oscar riddlen, they paved it. but thats big $$$$$, that will never hapen. would be nice though to patch that hole in the middle of the back strech on the out side.like i said, a little paint, and a little carpentry wouldent be to costly with free labor.

03-16-2011 7:26:14 AM CST
Buy the land across the street for spectator parking, then buy the houses on the 3rd and 4th turn area and knock them down and put another pit area. When that happens pave the track. Also free slushies for drivers and crew. I gotta play the Powerball and if I win thats what I will do.

silly season at Hudson
03-15-2011 9:57:44 PM CST
painting putting up new bleachers now paving is this silly season at Hudson or what?

03-15-2011 6:40:03 PM CST

how much do you think it would cost to get hudson repaved ?

Leon 13K Road Runner
03-15-2011 1:04:57 PM CST
Personally i dont have the history at Hudson but ill tell you what, over the last 3 years... its become my "Home Track" any open 4 cyl shows ive raced at that ask for your home track when registering i PROUDLY write in Hudson International Speeedway! No other track provides what Hudson does. it might not be the most beautiful looking place in the world but damn it looks dont mean anything. the greatest weekly RACING goes on there even if the divisions rules are a general guideline of what to try. we all know and understand thats how it is and you get some great racing with "open show" type rules in my opinion. Fresh paint, mow the grass, pick up the parts of flagpole cars, stack the tires fill in the holes and were ready for another great year at hudson international

Just a Spectator
03-15-2011 11:21:47 AM CST
From a casual fan that attends just several times a year.... Is Hudson a great family outing on occasion? Absolutely! Affordable? Yup. Unique? Where else can you see spectator drags and a flagpole race? Could the track use some spit and polish? Sure. Are there capital expenses that are needed? I don't know, but suspect there may be and if the track is already in the red, that may be a challenge. I'll bet, however, that those brighter than myself could figure out ways to do it. Many have already been mentioned.. Maybe some different things.. What about venues other than what is offered today? Monster trucks? Demo derby? Concert?.... It would be a shame to lose a precious resource like Hudson Speedway.

03-15-2011 9:38:25 AM CST
i wish they had strictly at star.

johnny reefer 11x
03-15-2011 9:08:47 AM CST
critical, whos being critical. this is our home, this is what we do, lets just make it a little better. whats bad about that, a little carpentry, a little paint. i dont no about you, but theres alot of history there for me.

Here's an idea
03-15-2011 8:16:01 AM CST
Stop being so critical and just enjoy Hudson Speedway!

03-14-2011 9:51:06 PM CST
i think the pictures that are at the booth at the track should be on this website for sure

Leon 13K Road Runner
03-14-2011 3:26:40 PM CST
same view, but not AS comfortable for some, more so for others. the pit bleachers don't offer a good view. Why i dont sit there special if i wanna watch something special. I like 50/50 raffles and special stuff to go with that. Lee does it and they make bank but have sponsors that donate that stuff. I'm not sure if Hudson has any sponsors other then the fans that fill the seats each week.

Fan ideas
03-14-2011 11:28:31 AM CST
Its a good idea about doing that but your paying additional price for the same view same distance away from the track. Maybe what they could do is give a ticket price for those that want to sit in the pits bleachers but cant wander the pits but be up close this season. Put up a fenced area there? You bring the fans closer get them more involved. Maybe raffle off tickets to be a helper in the pits for a race for one of the teams. You have teams doing the bike why not do something like that to get the fans in the mix???

Leon 13K Road Runner
03-14-2011 10:10:12 AM CST
sell "Lawn seats" for a reduced price give the spectators 2 options. Bench seats for $12 or Lawn hill, seats for $8. bring blanket and sit in the grass. ive done it quite a bit. Being a racer i dont really want to take up spots that the Spectators have paid for. so some times just if i want to watch one single race or something or just get some me time to get my thoughts in check ive walked down and sat in the grass. its not bad because the "rib lines" of where the seats USED to be are still there so you get somewhat of a place to sit and relax

stands at Hudson/clean up day
03-13-2011 7:00:51 PM CST
well to put the stands back in the grass area. cheaper to let people bring chairs. Now that Star is opening the stands wont be full at Hudson. Families wont be able to do both days just dont see it happening. Cost of gas escalating. Not to sound doom and gloom but I think reality is going to hit at all these local tracks this season. Fans are going to have to be very selective in traveling. Maybe put up in home page fans that come help on clean up day get a free admission good for the 2011 season.

03-13-2011 6:09:43 PM CST
i say we get some dates on here for some labor days to help make the track look a bit decent

Re:George raise money?
03-13-2011 6:03:59 PM CST
raise money? isnt that what drivers do on Sunday to help raise money and win money ,trophies and show up and race ? We as fans show up as well on Sunday. If they are running in the red for this place thats sad. I think its a matter they dont want to put anything into fixing it up period. Just get by with what is there.

johnny r 11x
03-13-2011 5:51:08 PM CST
im glad to here that. i dont think we have to put money in, just labor. that is our home, we just need some dates on the calendar, lets do it.

03-13-2011 5:42:00 PM CST
i think it would be a star to put the other half of the bleachers back in so more fans can actually come and not have to worry about a seat.

Eric Vilandre #36   kduarte619@comcast.net
03-13-2011 4:54:30 PM CST
Hudson speedway is a fun place to race. Yeah it needs some work but to close it down for good? I don't think so. The track is older than NASCAR, there is a lot of history in that track. A lot of famous driver were there racing back in the day. I think if we all get together and help Mr. Webber out and his track workers. We can make that track stick around a little longer. Where is the help that these tracks used to get by the racers and the race fans, time sure has changed. I know any thing Mr. Webber needs from the V6 Modifieds we will be there to help. Lets have another great racing season at Hudson Speedway and lets make a awesome come back at Star Speedway. Again THANK YOU TO THE WEBBER FAMILY AND TRACK CREWS FOR ANOTHER GREAT SEASON.

03-13-2011 4:47:06 PM CST

03-13-2011 4:45:14 PM CST
i think we should come up with a few dates to go down to the track and fix it up, try to race some money maybe ?

johnny r 11x
03-13-2011 3:53:14 PM CST
oh ya i forgot, i read some of the crap on here. my car is no longer for sale. i thought i could walk, but i just cant right now. see you in may.

johnny r 11x
03-13-2011 3:44:52 PM CST
you are right, hudson needs alot of work. my dad started taking me in 1958, i was three. for me, and alot of other people,like pete, that place is our home, and i would hate to see it die. if we got together, i no i would help do repairs. what do you guys think.

03-13-2011 3:20:00 PM CST
Cant increase the pits & parking is horrible(along with the food). Track is past even trying to patch it up. The best thing they could do is just close Hudson down and invest the money into Star. Star has the opportunity to be one of the best Oval tracks throughout the east coast. I remember going to Star years ago and the parking lot was completely full.. be nice to see that again! But as drivers and fans its our opportunity to get the word out Star is back!! We atleast owe that to Ownership for working so hard to bring Star back for all of us. Showing up providing great clean racing(ok atleast try to keep it clean). Bring back the good ole days!!

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