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roland car # 26
05-30-2011 10:19:24 AM EST
glen is right ,the 3 slow non competitive car are the enduro legal cars .and it is fun even if ur car is slow till u have to go right.ya thay wouldnt run right if some 1 went in the pit with a stuck gas pedal at star and nowear to go but in the pit or in to the wall head on. were if u run left u can go off the back and just hit tires,sand,ect

05-30-2011 8:56:59 AM EST
not sure who posted under my name but the crx is not for sale an will not be useless something happens

05-30-2011 8:37:08 AM EST
yeah but enduro cas are NOT supposed to be built there suppose to be street cars, those 4 or 5 cars that were "competitive" were in a class of there own, don't get me wrong I had a blast until they turnd us around....

05-30-2011 8:10:46 AM EST
do away with the enduros 40 laps to watch a 7 car field where 4-5 are competitive, i left early and a lot of others did as well, question.......... do the pines trees move off of turn 2 when you go the other way? what abt the turn 4 wall? does it disolve? id be more afraid of the beginning of the front strtch wall coming out of 4 ray mcintosh hit that a ton abt 25 yrs ago and busted his leg badly you are as safe as your car is bullt

05-30-2011 7:40:44 AM EST
just kidding Louis haha

Louis Maher
05-30-2011 7:40:20 AM EST
$2350 for the CRX, that's about what i have invested in tire softener :-P

Jessie   jessie@angrypork.com
05-30-2011 7:37:32 AM EST
I thought turning right in the enduro was a ton of fun!

Leon 13K
05-30-2011 6:42:15 AM EST
that could happen going either way. my issue is the front strech wall that hangs out by the opening, the head on wall in turn 4, the big pine trees off turn 2.

05-30-2011 6:23:16 AM EST

this is what happens when they make us go backwards, that sucked hard

Leon 13K
05-29-2011 11:59:04 PM EST
yep they did it to us in the 4's last week. i said to the flag guy it wasn't safe and he pretty much laughed and said you can leave the track if you dont like it. No enduros for me either. i'll do road runners instead.

car #26 roland
05-29-2011 6:40:39 PM EST
the enduro guys are right. about turning left and not right . the track was made safe for 1 way. if thay start that at hudson this year the first time will be the last enduro race for the year for me.not fun to run right even if ur car is slow.so i know how thay feel and its not safe

to Louis Maher
05-29-2011 5:58:32 PM EST
i really want to buy your crx, would you sell it maybe?

05-29-2011 2:10:33 PM EST
star cost more to get in, bu payouts are higher, and its a nicer facility.

Sore loser
05-29-2011 12:28:56 PM EST
Most of those cars did fine going the other way, sounds like life a sore loser. That's enduros!

05-29-2011 11:48:48 AM EST
wont be back for enduro monday. not playing this game of them flip floping us. LET US SET UP OUR EFFING CARS!!! you did this at hudson now star. screw it. wont be at hudson monday not playing the which way game.

05-29-2011 11:37:00 AM EST
You gotta pay to race no matter what, if you think racing is a cheap hobby wake up. Good night or racing at Star last night, even the V8 enduros put on a great show. See you next week.

road runner
05-29-2011 8:35:46 AM EST
thats why my car is parked 35 dollars get real bw jr 8 rr lol

pit rip off
05-29-2011 8:31:29 AM EST
35 dollars lee is less then that with supers star has the highest pit price with the least wake up jr

05-26-2011 1:23:49 PM EST
EWWWW jeeezzee my cats hate those nasty mushrooms.. its one thing for them to prance near the crab grass or dandy lions but mushrooms!!!???? get those thangs outta there! god bless you

05-26-2011 11:13:32 AM EST
You guys would not believe the size of the mushrooms in my yard.

Re: 69 Roadrunner
05-26-2011 8:58:17 AM EST
100 bucks for a crx ? damnn hook me up

rookie owner
05-25-2011 11:35:20 PM EST
69 roarunner. unforenetly doing your home work and apling it to your race car can get you called a cheat or a big money spender.sucks but thats normal. we all have google but some guys dont use it.dont stress it.

05-25-2011 11:16:49 PM EST
i got the crx from the junkyard for $100 3 years ago

05-25-2011 9:54:32 PM EST
i think the age for the thunderlights should be 12-16. anybody agree?

05-25-2011 9:53:47 PM EST
where do you get your crx ( 69roadrunner )

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