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car 31
06-09-2011 5:45:07 PM EST
i must say that sounds like a fun time

Re challenge
06-09-2011 4:08:57 PM EST
The outlaw cars arnt prostocks. Why would they run with the prostocks?

Re: Challenge
06-09-2011 4:01:34 PM EST
HA HA - bring Hudson rookie stocks to run with Monadnock enduro cars? There wouldn't be a Monadnock car in the top 10. Thats why they run enduros when they come to Hudson, not rookies...

Re: Challenge
06-09-2011 3:59:34 PM EST
There is a race at Star that night, with Enduros on the schedule...nobody is going to miss a race at their own track to go to another. Pick a different date when Star isn't running or when there aren't enduros at both tracks.

06-09-2011 2:44:46 PM EST
July 23rd, Open track part night! Monadnock speedway is calling out all competitors from Hudson and Star!!! think you guys got what it takes to run with the big dogs at THE DOG??? prove it! All divisions! Enduros, Rookies, Road Runners, Thunder Lights, Outlaws! everything. This is also the night that you take you car and park on the front stretch and the fans get to come down and hang out and meet the drivers. Maher, James, Carrol, Miller, Lord, Beecher, Duval, clement, Wendall, Lepage, Lord, Rollins, Warren, Woodside, Rich Beauschene, Ray Pat, Issac Chabot, Tellier, all you Hudson guys bring what you got Saturday night July 23rd to take on our stars; Barry Gray, Mike Parks of the Pro Stocks. see if one of your guys can take on John LaVoie and break his winning streak and take on Bill Johnston, Brian Chappin and Jason LaFleur. Throw some race tires on and come mix it up with the mini stock queen Kim rivet or former Champ Chirs Davis. bring the Enduros or rookie stocks to run with the A5 and A7 that kick your butts in the enduros every week. How bout the Road Runners / enduro cars come take on Dangerous Dickie Houle, Craig Chaffee, Bruce "Cry baby" Clark or other former winners like Gordon Farnum and Pat Houle.

06-09-2011 2:26:31 PM EST
rookies, 28 outlaws 92, road runners 25, Thunders 10

ron jeremy
06-09-2011 11:44:57 AM EST
rookies 8 ball roadrunners 47 outlaw 02 thunderlites 21

Race fan
06-09-2011 10:44:12 AM EST
This weekends pics. (Outlaws 02 or 12) (Rookies 21) (Roadrunners 07) (Thunderlights 42jr)

06-08-2011 12:20:42 PM EST
there a four cylinder race car on craiglist race ready for $1800 if anyone looking for one

Re:weights etc
06-08-2011 11:58:02 AM EST
this is getting ridiculous about weights etc when are you all going to wake up Hudson Speedway doesnt give a damn about who does what to their car especially if its a well known driver.. they dont want to loose a car to track so they let things go!! why do you think many weekends you have seen serious accidents.. its $25 in their back pocket thats all they care about!!

06-07-2011 10:20:29 PM EST
Great race Meegan Lord #24! And nice write up in the Lowell Sun as well. You go girl!!

car 31
06-07-2011 8:58:19 PM EST
you can check the weight of the car , but im sensitive about my weight

06-07-2011 1:33:07 PM EST
Maybe they should start checking the weight of the people in the stands. Get over it, after all they are just kids or did somebody forget that?

to Louis Maher
06-07-2011 1:27:16 PM EST
hey do you know of any place around here i could get cheap crx parts ? i know you said you got a crx for real cheap , please let me know, thanks !

reply to Leon
06-07-2011 1:14:45 PM EST
great pic. These(all) kids r talented....I wonder if we would have the same verdict if Sunday's race was btween the 55 and 42jr, somehow I doubt it. Keep the good work kids !!!

Leon 13K
06-07-2011 12:48:45 PM EST

Thats the finish from LAST week, This weeks seems to be just as close! these kids have better FINISHES then any other division on the track Everyone in that division, Keep up the great work

06-07-2011 9:52:48 AM EST
congradulations to Meegan for her win at hudson in the thunderlights

06-07-2011 9:13:17 AM EST
not sure if the guy thaat says the thunderlites are taking each other out is going to hudson or westboro lol those 5-6 cars race CLEANLY with each other every wk ive seen this yr. occcasionally theres rubbing but you know the cliche!

at the track
06-07-2011 6:44:53 AM EST
Although I was at the track I do not go for the thunderlights. but way to go kids !!!! However , I see no one has moved on, and now were picking on a kids car. The car gets weighed every week if there was an issue i'm sure it would of been addressed by the appropiate ppl. So sad ppl have nothing better to do then pick on kids. Good job kids keep havin fun out there and forget the haters.....

to pit fan
06-06-2011 11:29:48 PM EST
the 42jr car was lite last year but has been within 5 pounds every time i have been there this year. An from being teched myself over the hudson scales every week they are different one week it can be 15 pounds heavy an leave it on the trailer all week just put gas in it at the rack the next week an be 10pounds lite

06-06-2011 10:21:39 PM EST
anyone can go over when a car goes over the scales and look at the numbers. very well could be under weight. it was set up for Don to be a road runner then Jarrod gets in it. no way its going to be the right weight. that car STOCK is light. much weight would need to be added to make it legal.

1 on 1 car or race car
06-06-2011 8:42:24 PM EST
is anybody looking for a 1 0n 1 drags car or a possible next year 4 cyl race car ?

car 31
06-06-2011 8:04:36 PM EST
the best thing is none of you can take the win away from her ! thank god.... way to go meeeeeegan

06-06-2011 7:18:37 PM EST
u ppl r ridiculous that u need to pic on a bunch of kids and try to discredit them. Move on and find something else to complain about...

fan of 42 Jr
06-06-2011 7:01:47 PM EST
re: pit fan Are you a track employee ?? That's a bold statement, thinking you know what #42 Jr weighs

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