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10-12-2009 11:36:19 AM CST
good luck everyone on sundayy!!

10-10-2009 7:41:02 PM CST

rusty balls
10-09-2009 5:39:45 PM CST
oops thats outlaw 8 jr sticky ricky woodside gl

rusty balls
10-09-2009 5:37:12 PM CST
gl john 30 n jerry 31 rookies 8jr outsaw rick

rusty balls
10-08-2009 4:56:05 PM CST
will people stop bashing hurleys and the mods i was on racing paper marcos sight sucks

10-07-2009 6:22:31 PM CST
Its really to bad just five mods showed. I hope the powers that be at Hudson try it again next season. Hudson is great little track. Any news on Star??

10-07-2009 4:22:37 PM CST

gage 26
10-06-2009 7:59:22 PM CST
hey does shuan books stil have that 32

Big Sandy   nhengineer@Gmail.com
10-06-2009 10:36:32 AM CST
Sunday's results have been delayed. Sorry for that. Please keep checking back.

10-05-2009 2:04:59 PM CST
5 mods. LL George Baldwin took it home leading all 50 laps

10-05-2009 7:11:11 AM CST
How many mods showed up and who won


You can email questions to mh@racingnews.org They have simple rules and should be a good starter race for the new series.

KW   dunktankclown@hotmail.com
10-02-2009 4:07:49 PM CST
Hi, I went to imodracing.com and there is no site, how can I get rules, etc. Does the track have them available? Thanx



09-29-2009 7:56:25 PM CST
is there a website or info page on info for this weekends modified race? Entry list, rules etc. thanks!

rusty balls
09-27-2009 9:15:43 PM CST
gl 30 n 31 rookies 8jr you need it

09-17-2009 8:22:42 PM CST
This was my first year back to Hudson since i was a lil kid. so much has changed yet so much hasnt changed a bit. i ove this track and anyone that is thinking about getting into racing to 'give it a shot" i strongly encourage all to come out and have some fun. If you dont have a ton of time or money at your disposal the monthly Enduros are a great waty to get your feet wet against some of the weekly guys. The Roadrunners offer a great step into 4 cyl cars, the Rookie stocks are such an awesome throw back to old school American V8's and dont forget the ever crazy OUTLAW sportsmen. if you've ever wanted to see Strickly's, Pro Stocks, late Models, and Super Streets all taking on each other in a 30 anything goes knock down drag out event this event is right up your ally. September 27th, october 4th, 11th, 18th are the last Four dates and all four will offer amazing short track racing. come on out to the Big H and try the chicken tenders! (the personal favorite of team 13k ;)

Big Sandy   nhengineer@Gmail.com
09-14-2009 3:03:16 PM CST
It was a 50 lap Street Stock special event in mid 1971. Oscar Riddlin [bless his soul], in his infinite compassion and wisdom, set me on the pole knowing full well I was a rookie. I hung in there though despite an occasional love tap from Moe Tweedy and others until about lap 40. Down the back straight I went and into three I saw a big chunk of asphalt curb lying right in the groove. There was no way I could avoid it. Right up and over it I went and I was told later that all fours were off the track. It pushed up my oil pan and the connecting rods were banging against it so I pulled into the infield right next to the Pontiac ambulance and waited for the mayhem to be over. I thought it was strange there was no ambulance driver. When the checkers finally came out, my battery was dead. Since Kenny Small didn't seem to own a yellow flag, I knew the two tow truck would be busy cleaning up the mess for an hour or more. "Not a problem" I thought, "I'll signal to my crew to bring down the jumper cables and use the ambulance battery for a start." I signaled them and it seemed they got the message so I opened the ambulance hood. With the hood opened I was amazed to see that, not only was there no battery, there was no motor either. "WTF is this all about?" I thought. Finally back in the pits with a push start from the tow-truck I went over to see Amos, the handicapper. I told him that there's no motor in the ambulance thinking he should know. He put his index finger up to his lips and told me, "Shhhhh, I know. The town says we have to have an ambulance on the property or we can't run the show. If the Packard goes off to hospital we'd have to wait for it to return. Oscar got Gagnon to drop the Pontiac in the infield so we're covered." "What do you mean 'covered'? There's no motor Amos. What good is that?" "Doesn't matter. The town didn't tell us it had to run. They just said we had to have one here."

old hudson fan
09-13-2009 11:35:53 PM CST
Whats the story, that old ambulance looks kinda familiar,but my foggy old brain isn't sure. I remember Petah #135 when he was a young pup.

Big Sandy   nhengineer@Gmail.com
09-09-2009 6:39:42 PM CST

There's a story behind this ambulance. Please tell me if you want to know what it is.

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