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John Esburnet
02-04-2010 7:34:53 PM CST
hey any one know whats going on in the thunder lights this year...........update.

harleymanflhr   mudumy@aol.com
02-04-2010 7:25:46 PM CST
hey ks i have 2 track championships and alot of experience at chassis set up and fabrication. have scales and al set up equipment. If interested in a serious driver for your team...drop me a line

02-02-2010 9:36:52 PM CST
anyone looking to put multiple rookie team together and need a driver pls let me know

bryan   mrt2306@yahoo.com
02-01-2010 1:05:34 AM CST
ran my car at hudson last year was the number 06 grand enduro car retuning this year as a rookie with the same car hope to see the rookies this year would be fun

01-30-2010 3:09:05 PM CST
As stated before, id be all for a weekly Enduro. i run 4 cyls but if they had that B class for the Road Runners id be there every week possible. id rather drive an hour to Hudson then 2 hours to Winchester

roland coutu car 26    chevy821@aol.com
01-28-2010 5:31:05 PM CST
anyone know how to get ahold of any of the guys that were runing weekly enduros or the fast 8 class. really intrested in getting it running at hudson. if any 1 talks to webber throw the idear out ther too plz.

roland coutu car 26    chevy821@aol.com
01-28-2010 5:24:51 PM CST
i think all divishions should be TECHED this year like we did long time ago to make it a real race and not see who can wast more money.i am doing a rookie car and also a enduro car. a weekly enduro class would be great.it could be the rookie b class. all stock parts nothing aftermarket.but safty.people that would like to spend more money could join the mod class.or move up to the next class. lets get it going. and some rules any 1 talk to webber. if we do a rookie b or weekly enduro i will have some one driving 1 of my cars

Practice and/or Spring Clean Up?
01-28-2010 12:04:03 PM CST
Hey, Was wondering if Hudson will be having another "spring clean up" day this year? Also wondering if Hudson will have any open practice days prior to the start of the season. Anyone know? Thanks

01-26-2010 4:10:38 PM CST
Looking to buy a race-ready(or almost)car to run in rookie stock.

Rookie Mods Anyone?
01-26-2010 11:22:40 AM CST

There has been a lot of talk on another racing board about starting a "rookie modified" division at Hudson. There seems to be quite a bit of interest and a handful of teams say they are all ready and willing to build cars if the idea gets the green light. I've attached a picture (created by someone else) of what these cars might look like. The idea is basically to use a rookie-stock type chassis to build a low-budget, open-wheeled modified type car. Here are some proposed rules as posted by someone else: wheels and tires any off set 8" wheel with 60 series street legal tire.(it's a mod need to let them tires hang out there still need a treadwidth rule i guess dont want zero back space all arond with 1 1/2 spacers on the right or then again do you see next rule) stock as from factory front upper and lower a arms (as in metric only fords would also have to be stock limits the play with geomtry and keeps tread width with in reason) 10 bolt gm rearend only no 9" i may even go as far as 7.5" ring gear to keep cost down rear jacking bolts permitted any automatic trans with working tourqe converter engine 355 ci max no strokers.hard to tec but needs to be a rule. no vortec fuelies bowties or any aftermarket head. (now your down to just dime a dozon heads) d shape style crank only no scolloped cut or round style cranks stock oem style fuel pump with no bigger then 3/8 fuel line (if you can't get the fuel there you may think twice about putting one of them huge blake carbs on there) shocks any oem style, mounted how ever you want (front style must be in the front rear style in rear) i like the 4412 but i think it would have to be on a castiron two barrel intake What do others think of this? Anyone else interested in building one? We have yet to talk to Mr. Webber about it but if enough people show interest there is a good chance we will try it out.

01-25-2010 8:54:30 PM CST

01-24-2010 10:18:57 PM CST
13? If yout talking about me im running the full enduro schedule NOT the Roadies

Traveling Circus
01-24-2010 6:30:41 PM CST
Ronald - Weekly Enduros would be fun IF they kept the Rookie Stocks and Roadrunner cars OUT. other wise its just a benifet diner to the 4th and 5th place guys that cant get trophies in there own divisions. Racefan - I personally would love to be apart of a post/pre race autograph session. would let the fans get to know their home track drivers. Johnny Refer - if last year is any indication i would say the year should start off with about 8 or 9 RR's and end with close to 20. i know of 2 new guys that are going to be running weekly. the 07 and the 27 (also has the 95CRX and a 98VW) that raced there last year were talking about coming back full time in 2010 the 13 might come over full time and i think that the 66 is coming back with a mustang. so right there you have 5 new guys to the division.

Johnny R 11x
01-24-2010 11:03:15 AM CST
How many roadrunners will be out there this season Looking forward to making a come back

01-22-2010 8:20:06 AM CST
Hey how about getting the fans involved this year by having fan lap sponsors or pick order to win like horse racing possibly a good way to get more revenue in during feature races or fan /driver picture autograph session how about a raffle to win season pass for family 4 pack those stands last year were full just bouncing ideas off

Rookie or Hobby
01-21-2010 2:31:34 PM CST
Have any of you Rookie guys ever run your cars at Lee in the Hobbys? My guess is that the front-running Rookie cars could keep up with some of the Hobbys. Anybody ever tried?

01-21-2010 10:41:13 AM CST
so are the rookies going to be teched this year with strict rules or is it going to be a free for all again. just curious so i know how to set up the car.

Hudson Fan
01-20-2010 4:56:19 PM CST
Hey Roland, Would love to see weekly enduros. Get in touch with some of those former fast-8 cars from the other track. As for the rookies, with the 22+ car fields last year and all the talk of people getting more cars ready this year, we very well may see A and B rookie races.

roland coutu car 26   chevy821@aol.com
01-20-2010 4:26:06 PM CST
what happend to back in the day when the rookies had an a and b class. any 1 intrested in runing a weekly enduro class?

01-13-2010 4:56:30 PM CST
big sandy i just looked at the schedule v6's are not on there.

Big Sandy   NHEngineer@Gmail.Com
01-10-2010 1:00:16 PM CST
Hey V-6 Mods, I typed my fingers to the bone posting the Hudson schedule right here. Go find it.

01-09-2010 10:03:51 AM CST
I think his comp. is downat least thats what we were told

01-07-2010 12:23:18 PM CST
hey im tryin to get some more fun races in at hudson like a backwards flagpole race anyone have webbers email?

12-24-2009 10:11:58 PM CST
Did you try the "contact us" link this web page?

V6mods   kduarte619@comcast.net
12-24-2009 1:14:30 PM CST
I need to get ahold of Mr. Webber for a schedule. Anyone know how I can get a hold of him. Anyways Every one have a MERRY CHRISTMAS

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