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2x   streeter2424@yahoo.com
04-25-2010 10:36:04 AM CST
Leon, We moved my dads race to May because night races wasn't working well for my family to attend.We chose May to be close to his birthday(he would have been 89 on May 10th)-Bob Hayes

04-25-2010 4:54:47 AM CST
MUFFLER ???? why

Leon 13K enduro
04-24-2010 5:37:22 PM CST
anyone know why the DON HAYES was changed from august to May?

PMH   pkdjsholds@verizon.net
04-24-2010 1:01:01 PM CST
Does anyone know someone who has some outside space to store some enduro cars? Hopefully near the track. E-mail me with location and price. Thank You.

roland coutu car #26
04-24-2010 10:58:37 AM CST
are the spectater cars parking in the pit? and should i wast my time registering it or does that nolonger mater? any one know

04-24-2010 6:37:06 AM CST

04-24-2010 6:34:04 AM CST
thanks Lion 13k, just want to have fun

69roadrunner   lmenduro69@aol.com
04-23-2010 10:20:04 PM CST
jonhny r 11x you are right neither me of the 47 spun or wrecked anyone racing last year the only time something happened is when i checked up on a car coming down on me a the 47 got onto the back of me a spun me but that was it. most of the roadrunner races went caution free or they where for car breaking not wrecks . My theory is race other driver the way you want to be raced.

johnny r 11x
04-23-2010 9:31:54 PM CST
was not there every week but, i cant remember the 69 47 show taking people out.they just ran good. we need to step it up, and turn things around

Leon 13K enduro
04-23-2010 6:11:51 PM CST
good luck glen, as someone stated before, chances are you'll be running against quite a few Rookie Stocks.

04-23-2010 4:14:09 PM CST


04-23-2010 3:24:54 PM CST

can't wait

New England Enduro Tour   NEEnduroTour@gmail.com
04-23-2010 9:18:34 AM CST
This group is for all those interested in revitalizing the 200 lap Enduros of yester-year. New England has seen real Enduros dwindle over the past 10 years. Now, most of the "enduros" you find in N.E. are 50 laps and contain 10-25 cars, most of which are stirctly-stock type cars. The purpose of this group is to promote interest in organizing a touring Enduro series in New England that will run half a dozen or so races a year at various tracks. Our goal is to strengthen the Enduro community and attract as many TRUE Enduro racers as possible and bring back the fields of 150+ stock cars running 200 laps in a contest which is not necessarily won by the fastest car, but by the car that can endure...hence the name, Enduro. Please tell anyone interested in Enduro racing about this page. We encourage discussion and welcome ideas for the New England Enduro Tour. We hope to someday soon organize a N.E. Enduro Tour association which could schedule races approximately once a month during racing season at any track in New England which is willing to host an Enduro event. We encourage all to get involved. And hope to gather input from the Enduro community to produce a universal set of rules and regulations. Noteable Enduros events currently run at N.E. tracks: The Halloween Howler - All-Star Speedway Pumpkinfest - Hudson International Speedway Pre-Haveover 150 - Riverside Speedway Weekly Enduro Racing - Monadnock Motorspeedway

New England Enduro Tour   NEEnduroTour@gmail.com
04-23-2010 9:13:29 AM CST

This group is for all those interested in revitalizing the 200 lap Enduros of yester-year.New England has seen real Enduros dwindle over the past 10 years. Now, most of the \\\

04-22-2010 7:26:56 PM CST
only way that will EVER happen is if you create a weekly enduro type division between the 4 cyl enduros and the Road Runners. then a streeter type division between rookies and Outlaws. its no fun to see the road runners dominate the 4 cyl enduro division and the streeters/late model sportsmen type cars dominating the rookie stocks. i used to race rookies but you cant compete in that division unless you have a street stock. which IS NOT what the rookie stocks was ment to be..

just racin
04-22-2010 6:46:30 PM CST
anything goes? isnt that the #1 rule for all the divisions? hopefully this rule can be tightened up this year shake out the cars that cant comply and race legal.

Leon 13K enduro
04-22-2010 1:03:49 PM CST
also for the roadies, i think this year is going to be ULTRA competitive. with the 69 having extra weight and the 47 being bent up a little bit more then it was last year, along with the Star cars that should be there, and a few Monadnock cars coming over now and then, the season is going to be WIDE OPEN in the Road Runner division.

Leon 13K enduro
04-22-2010 12:57:41 PM CST

last year they asked that we have the bumpers secured, all glass removed except front winshield (and cleaned out of the car), a muffler, and a helmet for your head. other then that run anything. OH and if you have a mirror they will freak out and go in your car and yank it out or break it or what ever lol (if you do have one just tape it up and they wont bother you

Anything goes
04-22-2010 12:51:42 PM CST
Enduros are run what'cha brung. And I love your hair.

Do you like my hair?
04-22-2010 9:29:27 AM CST
Well do ya?

04-22-2010 8:24:55 AM CST
what are the rules for the enduro class? Do I need a hole in my hood or just my head?

04-22-2010 7:24:35 AM CST
69 to bad your not racing this much this year. Don't want to make you look slow out there.I Just moved here and saw the speedway. So all i have to do is beat the 47 now its going to be so easy now.you gotta finish to win. Lets see if the 47 can drive?

04-21-2010 6:10:50 PM CST
enduro duh

glenssunglasstent.webs.com   racejunkie64@aol.com
04-21-2010 6:05:58 PM CST

can i run this in the endero

04-21-2010 4:08:00 PM CST

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