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06-26-2011 1:35:23 PM EST
they could at least have a show with outlaws rookies etc

racng enduros
06-26-2011 1:32:16 PM EST
You ever think the fans are bored watching abunch of 4 cyl ...fans leave their seats talk .... 4 cyl racing enduros are boring

06-26-2011 1:28:40 PM EST
no 4 th of july races at either track this year wtf webbers u suck

Leon 13K
06-26-2011 12:12:06 PM EST

car 31
06-26-2011 9:53:12 AM EST
hey look leon , you have a fan !!

un13 fan
06-26-2011 8:55:13 AM EST
according to face book that fat redneck wanna be leon keniston is coming to represent monadnock today. GUESS THATS ONE CAR KEVIN DUNKLEE CAN BEAT TODAY!!

Leon 13K
06-26-2011 4:12:01 AM EST
well, looks like i dont have to take that night off from work after all

paul 27 enduro
06-25-2011 6:03:58 PM EST
its not on the schedule anymore

Leon 13K
06-25-2011 5:32:20 PM EST
why is it called it off?

paul 27 enduro
06-25-2011 4:29:25 PM EST
was the july 4 event called off for star speedway. i was looking forward to the 4 cyl enduro

06-24-2011 5:59:27 PM EST
Anybody selling any race ready 4 cylinder enduros? Looking for one with atleast a cage and a seat. I have cash in hand ready to buy ASAP.

Derek #12 Outlaw
06-23-2011 11:22:13 PM EST
Thank you to all the people who thought I did good sunday.

06-23-2011 7:06:35 PM EST
anyone asscociated with Steve Dickey is an ASS,Some great driver and he is running in the rookes now? The way he drives a rookie car wouldnt even let him push a walmart carriage

06-23-2011 1:38:19 PM EST
u must not really know the robinson if u are saying they are hot heads why dont u go over to there pits and get to know them.if u needed a part at the track they would give the part and help u out with anything u needed.they always been that way. they one alot of races with no money like other people.robbie robinson was driving the car steve dickey driving he have alot more wins with it.

RE: robbinsons
06-23-2011 12:31:27 PM EST

they both suck at racing, both hotheads who dont know how to control their tempers while behind the wheel, almost like a steve dickey

06-23-2011 11:04:18 AM EST
ronnie robinson is running hudson this weekend in the rookies driving the 71 car.he dont have the car to run outlaws.his nephew matt robinson runs outlaws the 55 car and if u know them u know that number was used by ronnie brother robbie for yearss as the hooksett racing team and they both be hudson on sunday.

car 31
06-22-2011 11:29:32 PM EST
james he raced there last sunday

james   pjames66@aol.com
06-22-2011 11:17:56 PM EST
i raced hudson 15 yrs ago i was wondering if the robinsons still raced at hudson or star if i remember robbie was # 71

06-22-2011 9:36:08 PM EST
im not done yet. still working on the car to make it faster

06-22-2011 6:18:47 PM EST
where are the pics from sundays race?

06-22-2011 2:13:22 PM EST
Racing makes my Dick Trickle!!!!!!!!

Leon 13K
06-21-2011 10:41:13 PM EST
Great to see we have unoriginal WWE fans here lol

little jimmy
06-21-2011 9:35:34 PM EST
mmmmmmmmmmmm wonder how many tl cars we will see this week? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Dereks dad
06-21-2011 3:21:42 PM EST
Hey everyone thanks for the support! Derek try's very hard on and off the track and it shows. Alot of people were not sure if he was ready for the big jump to outlaws but we had faith in him. This class is full of great drivers/great poeple and it is a real accomplishment to get a win. With a little luck he can win a race this year in the OUTLAWS and if not thats ok too. We look forward to racing hudson and star the rest of the year. Good luck too everyone from thunderlights all the way up to SBM!!

race fan 2
06-20-2011 4:47:05 PM EST
Yeah thats true Outlaw Fan Im hoping he gets all the wins GO DEREK

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