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05-17-2010 5:19:30 PM CST
i have to agree with hudson fan.. its getting to the point someone is going to get killed or seriously hurt... the cars do not have proper roll cage or even race seats to protect drivers from neck injuries( as we saw this past sunday. I would like to see Hudson Speedway step up to the plate with this issue please before someone loses a family member and loses fans because of this stupidity. No one will bring their there kids back once they witness a serious crash due to reckless driving.

hudson fan
05-17-2010 5:10:31 PM CST
well the flagpole race and spectator race are getting out of control. and reference to awnser reply .. hits dont hurt? so whats that mean you would hit someone attentioanly because you dont get hurt? big deal you have been racing for three years without any aches and pains consider yourself lucky.... go tell a family thats lost a dad or son in racing and call them sissy's and when you get whacked in the face by them tell me if that hurt? some of you guys dont deserve to behind a whell your just setting someone up to get seriously hurt or killed .... remember when you line someone up to crash into their own family will be watching up in the stands !!! Hudson speedway staff needs to start banning this drivers that are out to seriously hurt someone!!

Leon 13K enduro
05-17-2010 12:35:17 PM CST
opening week randy told us a story at the drivers meeting about an enduro racer that got seriously hurt from being hit in the back. spent 6 months in a hospital from serious neck injuries. It takes less then 5MPH speed difference to suffer from whiplash. the youtube vid i saw with that idiot in the wagon just running threw people was a lot more then 5MPH difference. its a flag pole RACE not a demo derby. you want rock em sock em events like that wait until fair season and go to rochester, hopkington, deerfield, or swanzey and enter the demo derbies. when someone finally gets killed, that will be the end of Hudson speedway. the flag pole cars have no saftey at all! no bars, hald the time some of the guys dont even use belts properly. Opening week i saw someone with their ARM out a door holding it shut so they could keep racing. the guy got hit and sent off into the bushes in turn 2. on more point that id like to throw out there... in demo derbies.. if you hit the drivers door and the officials think it could have been avoided... you ARE OUT. they even make them paint the driver door some kind of neon color. an orange, or a bright green or even white X's on the doors to remind the drivers, something that stands out where the aggressor sees that and thinks "opps, cant hit him their. come on guys, use your heads.

05-17-2010 10:54:19 AM CST
Well all I can say as for the 40 the kid can drive and he is still learning the ropes ..as for him hitting people intentionally ..Give me a break..this is supposed to be a racing family!! A family Track ?? you don't see him in a station wagon Plowing into someone like the flagpole race this weekend "Station wagon" ..that person should be banned from the track all together! Miller is a good Kid and learning the ropes..quite well..Family race track ..lets all try to act like one ..I look forward to seeing everyone on Sundays because it's fun..everyone has always been really nice ..would hate to see everyone fighting :)

05-17-2010 8:06:46 AM CST
Listen last year was last year. For the most part the 40 & 47 have talked about their issues.as far as integra goes go watch the video of the first week and you will see that the 40 did not take the vw intentionally they both came out high with the vw on the outside and the 25 dead in front of him they both tried to avoid him but vw had no place to go. so get your facts straight BIG MOUTH!!!!!!!

Billy C
05-17-2010 6:30:04 AM CST
I have 10 Goodyear eagles 225/70/15's, 5 of them are rsa's and five are gt+4. If anyone is interested they are $40 a piece, give me a call at 603-488-5362.

flag pole fan
05-17-2010 6:17:58 AM CST
real flagpole winner i love the flag pole race but when people are intentionaly hitting people in the drivers doors i think that is a shit move.the guy in the purple car told the flag man u won,not his fault if they gave him the win.

my opinion
05-16-2010 10:51:10 PM CST
Its called a flagpole race not demolition. Your not suppose to be slamming into peoples doors instead of turning around the tire. A person left on a stretcher today, probably was seriously hurt, im glad you got your trophy pulled

05-16-2010 10:27:43 PM CST
haha finally hurt sumone maybe they barley got hit and spun and made a big scene the flagpole hits dont hurt ive been hit in those for the past 3 years i aint crying

05-16-2010 10:26:21 PM CST
sooo i heard they finally hurt someone in the flagpole race today.. any truth to this one?

real flagpole winner
05-16-2010 10:26:17 PM CST
i love that people cry about getting hit ina flagpole race get into a different devision if you cant stand being spun out the track was real cool to pull the trophy away from me cus i spun 3 people out which 2 of them were driving cars i got for them haha what a joke

05-16-2010 7:34:06 AM CST
my picks are tl 2 rs 01 rr 40 outlaws 135

car 31
05-13-2010 8:51:27 PM CST
maybe the 8 ball could finish second? lol

05-13-2010 5:34:15 PM CST
going to Dover this weekend gona miss the show

8 ball fan
05-13-2010 4:26:04 PM CST
any picks for this weekend rookie 8 ball outlaw 70 johnny b dont know other divsions

Zombie Boy
05-13-2010 3:28:30 PM CST
I like turtles!!

Annoyed by you
05-13-2010 1:35:07 PM CST
hey integraracer in case u didnt notice the 69 & 47 cars arent the ones to beat this season. u need to come up with some new comments cause now your just getting annoying!

05-13-2010 12:09:28 PM CST
integraracer shut up

05-13-2010 9:47:37 AM CST
ready to come take care of them 69 and 47 cars

05-13-2010 8:32:52 AM CST
Who is ready for Sunday?

Deryl Morley   racin_radio@hotmail.com
05-12-2010 12:15:40 AM CST
Timmy, Lee is running Car Soccer this week, why not an enduro? Although I believe Watson was actually talking about the Star Classic (ISMA race). Either way I hope SOMEONE opens STAR this year (All-Star on the other hand is a different story. Yes, it's the same track but different people "running" it)

Leon 13K enduro
05-11-2010 9:24:11 PM CST
yea, turning someone into the pond wouldnt be good. Gage got lucky last year. had he ended upside down where his car stopped... it would have been bad. let the guy run his mouth, you guys just ruin your cars :) with my one interaction with bob watson, i would have to say that the Howler would NEVER happen at Lee, its got more of a chance of coming to Hudson. buzzy, i think 30 may be a bit much in the outlaws, id say 24 would be a great count for them. most of what ran the last 2 outlaw races last year were guys that were done at other tracks for the year. is the don hayes going to be more of an open type show like it was last year?

05-11-2010 5:50:02 PM CST
LMFAO !!!!

05-11-2010 3:48:05 PM CST
ITHINK. Ok, so the corrado in the thunder lights is a 21?

I think
05-11-2010 3:42:55 PM CST
i think your talking about the white 21, its Mitch's son i believe

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