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Leon 13K enduro
06-01-2010 8:46:26 PM CST
last fall the figure 8 race was good cause we had a TON of rain the night before and it just got muddy so the dust wasnt an issue. fun to watch. We sat in the stands eagerly waiting for that Figure 8 race untill the heard of cars and the tahoo made it back to the center cross for the first lap. it was obvious that it was no longer fun to (try to) watch. we couldnt see and more dangerously, the drivers coudlnt see anything and it was obvious cause you would see some guys slam on brakes AFTER a near miss in the cross. Had any of the bigger cars made a driver door hit into someone the way the taurus got hit we WOULD have seen someone die. no question about it. I was in the pits and saw the car. the passengers side door was caved in almost to the transmission tunnel. the unibody was folded up. Hell, the drivers side doors didnt line up right anymore cause of how hard it got hit. Its nice to se rough and tumble racing but this was a serious safety issue. By the way the flag pole guess did great this week

06-01-2010 8:16:38 PM CST
i gotta say that was probably the cleanest flagpole race ive been in,good to hear there was talk about the door hits,i usually dont stop for much as you can see by my car,but when i saw the tahoe i gave him the 'after you' wave on. i didnt need the bowtie emblem embedded in my helmet,the track let you on,you ran clean(from what i saw),but if some YAHOO gets himself one i'd hate to see what could happen! as for the figure 8 im not alone in saying the track should be watered down,not the race!wasnt much fun waiting for the inevitable thud that brought out the red! any way who's has a mid '90's tempo,taurus,or topaz running or not they want to get rid of ??? i need a couple of things!!

06-01-2010 8:03:28 PM CST
i gotta say that was probably the cleanest flagpole race i\\

hud fan
06-01-2010 7:48:36 PM CST
i think the track should have been watered down the infield so everyone could see the race would have been more enjoyable to watch,as for the tahoe,they let in big cars with little cars in the flagpole and no one complains

figure 8 racer
06-01-2010 7:39:17 PM CST
ok rolland first off all i dont mind takein a hit if u can tell i climbed right outta that car and if the thing ran i would have been back out there all im sayin is they track should be wet down if that was a drivers door hit it could kill sumone and they tahoe shouldnt be out there period there is a huge size differnce between the two cars and it could seriously hurt sumone like urself if u took the wrong hit

Witch 1
06-01-2010 5:07:20 PM CST

Well that was one heck of a weekend! I hope everyone had a great time. I am so glad to know that you are alright figure 8 racer, that was a hard hit! I agree that the Tahoe should not have been allowed to go out on that track. I don't know why they let the race continue after that even the flagman could'nt see what was going on. I wonder if the people in the tower that tell him what to do could see more than us fan could.

roland coutu
06-01-2010 5:05:53 PM CST
figure 8 racer if u dont want to get hit dont go in the figure 8 and if it wasto dusty u could have left the race just as easy. not a big deal. no rick in the tahoe and the rest of us dont know any 1 it wasa registered and inspected truck. u didnt see him smashing people in the flag pole race or the figure 8 the two of us were out there to racenot to smash like every one els

figure 8 racer
06-01-2010 4:34:07 PM CST
ok so i nearly cheated death this weekend the hit i tokk was pretty hard.. i can tell everyone one thing i wont be racein another figure 8 there unless they water down the track. and i think them lettin a tahoe race with a bunch of cars is total bull.. if that thing hit one of us we would have beeen in the hosp no doubt. and the olny reason they let him out there is cuz he know some body

Jason Carroll   jason@angrypork.com
06-01-2010 12:11:21 PM CST

Zombie, glad you liked the cookies!

Jeff Gilman
06-01-2010 11:24:05 AM CST
Still looking for a integra , civic or crx. Preferably under $500 let me know what you have and i can email or call you.

Leon 13K enduro
06-01-2010 9:40:03 AM CST
There is nothing wrong with what Recon has for cars.. they ARE enduro cars. the 53 is an enduro car as well. As far as i can tell their are NO RULES for the enduro. except drained radiator, muffler and no mirrors. (the latter being total bullshit if you ask me but thats just my opinion. had we had a mirror in the 13K we wouldnt have got driven into on lap 1) Jesse tellier ran a road runner car in the enduro and no one cared. the Red saab had 50 series tires with a treadwear rating of like 40 and i didnt hear anyone cry about that. we even had a Honda Del Sol out there (a 2 seater sports car) and no one made a big deal about it. Enduros are a run what ya brung race. im glad that we dont have guys dumping each other for fun like other tracks.

06-01-2010 8:17:29 AM CST
whats the point in having a flag guy if he throws black flags when he shouldnt and doesnt throw a caution when he should?

my opinion
06-01-2010 7:02:11 AM CST
im pretty sure that the enduro rules and the original rookie stock rules were the same

Enduro cars
06-01-2010 5:45:48 AM CST
I believe the "ex-rookie" cars you are talking about, the camaro as well as the montes, are actually enduros cars that found their way into the rookies last year just so that they could have a weekly division to race in. If you remember that they were in the rookies, you should also remember that they were in the back. Those guys seem to throw their cars out into any race they car...probably just looking for as many laps as they can get. If you have complaints why don't you walk over to them in the pits and have a talk with them or take a look under their hoods. They seem like nice enough guys to me in the pits, and I'm pretty sure they are running stock 350s. Police package is police package, theres nothing wrong with that in an enduro. Some guys have just had their cars longer and now how to set them up. Nothing in the enduros rules that says you gotta run a crappy set up. Those guys my be running in the lowly enduro division, but don't think for a second that they aren't busting their butts trying to get everything they can out of their cars like any other driver in any other divison. Just my two cents.

cmon recon!!
06-01-2010 3:31:11 AM CST
cop motor,cop tires, cop suspension,who wouldnt run that ,thats a lucky find!,but the monte is set up,along with the other monte's out there and camaro! i guess thats what 'enduro cars' are these days 'ex rookie/street stock cars,wish i could afford to build one!

05-31-2010 10:38:08 PM CST
Was a really nice day ..loved everything but the figure 8 race ..I was afraid for the people in that one! Got one question for everyone how do you feel about adults egging on their children on to make other racers "small" children cry at a family race track? Everyone goes their to see Dads, Uncles and other family members race..I didn't realize that kids are the targets? Just throwing this out to see how you guys feel about this ..I have gone for years and was always just known that everyone raced had a good time..the winner was the winner and everyone taught their kids to be good sports? not bully little ones..hmmm

05-31-2010 8:32:52 PM CST
Hey everyone, I have to say both my cars are "enduro cars" The orange XXX is 100% stock Ex state trooper car. and the black monte is a enduro built car. I love the enduros just wish more cars came to race. I have raced against SHO's before and with a little tweaking they can be fast cars. Don't give up! Go out and have fun that what this is all about.

05-31-2010 8:17:26 PM CST
those 8cyls have their own class -rookie stocks-what 'class' was c-1 in last year?? glen has the closest thing out there to what the rules atleast use to be!

Leon 13K enduro
05-31-2010 8:05:12 PM CST
To Glen. you'll never keep up with them cars no matter what you do. They are enduro cars that had to run with rookie stocks / street stocks for so long that the cars have progressed a lot. The only thing i can think of is go to 14 inch tires, bolt on some falkens and try that. belive it or not, some of the 4;s are faster then the 8's lol

Leon 13K enduro
05-31-2010 8:01:16 PM CST
To the 199jr (gavin) Its all good. heat of the moment and i got a little pissed about stuff that was just racing deal. the car is all repaired and ready to run again. Turned out not to be as bad and i thought it was. I know you didnt take me out on purpose and apologize for being an ass to you after the race. look forward to having some good battles with you on track the rest of the year.

Zombie boy
05-31-2010 7:38:46 PM CST
I like cookies!! Thanks 07

05-31-2010 7:38:21 PM CST

who's the odd man out,those don't look like enduro car's, maybe i should run with 4 cyclinders

05-31-2010 7:02:37 PM CST
come on hudson, when you people saw how much dust came up from the figure 8 the race should have been stopped. the guy in the blue Taurus was very very lucky. had the hit been on the drivers side the kid would have been dead. The car was caved in all the way to the tranny tunnel. no way he would have escaped injury had the drivers side been hit like that.

05-31-2010 5:44:22 AM CST
thank u me. Im looking so forward to 1:00 lol!!!!!!!!! Thank u to all the drivers that make it a great day. I hope we will see alot of cars out there today. stay safe!!!!

Leon 13K enduro
05-30-2010 8:16:53 PM CST
look out for one bad ass saab tomorrow

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