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07's Girl   jessie@angrypork.com
07-15-2010 12:48:21 PM CST

I'm glad so many of you like my baked goods! Thanks for the comment that I should sell them (I didn't know they were THAT good). =) Unfortunately, it's hard to find time during the week just to make the couple batches of cookies/cupcakes that I do make. Making enough to sell would be pretty difficult for me. Cookies this weekend... I'll try to do cupcakes again next weekend. To John (about the oink girl)... Most likely nobody on here is keeping up to date on her relationship status besides you, so just ask her!

Recon XXX
07-15-2010 11:25:38 AM CST
To tell you the truth it is getting a bit boring with only a few cars every race. I just wait for someone I know (Scotty or my other car orange XXX) to catch up and race with them. I know I can't run with a few of the "fast" cars but I dont care how built up the cars are if there were more cars it would not matter. Try running a 400H.P. "race car" with 75 to 150 other cars the odds even up pretty quick. My cars have run many Howlers the black Monte won the Howler last year. They are very cheap cars. The Monte burnt 5 quarts of oil during the 100 lapper. The only way to keep things fair is to get more cars to run. All the track is trying to do is keep it interesting. I dont have a solution but I do know "staying home" won't help. Maybe the guys with a problem should get together and talk to Bob W. he is very easy to talk to and would love to hear some ideas.

#63 Niko
07-15-2010 10:21:10 AM CST
Jesse's red 17E car was and always will be an enduro car. The only reason he ran it in the roadrunners was because the enduros were lacking and thats where most of his friends went to race. The car does not have a full cage or a fuel cell and has run in the halloween howler, how many roadrunner cars can say that?

07-15-2010 10:14:34 AM CST
does anybody know if oink has aboyfriend because I love her

07-15-2010 10:12:24 AM CST
Here's an idea: If you are one of the slower enduro cars complaining about being too slow in either direction, SMASH the cars that are faster than you. Take em out on the way by! That will get them thinking about running their big money cars in the enduros, and it will give the fans something to cheer about. Gotta level the playing field somehow, right? Give em the chrome horn! After all, these are enduros we're talking about right? Its the car that ENDURES that is supposed to win. But please stay safe. :P

07-15-2010 10:12:23 AM CST
does anybody know if oink has a boyfriend because I love her

#12 Derek
07-15-2010 9:57:28 AM CST
07s girl, I think you should make cupcakes agian I had like 5 of them they, were good.

07-15-2010 8:40:37 AM CST
i agree with that. everyone at the track is willing to give you advise and lead you in the right direction. and if people want to race, they should be doing some saftey work on the car(cage, seat, harness ect.)

To the red 86 RR
07-15-2010 8:39:38 AM CST
Theres a good # of new roadrunners. Alot has changed in the past few weeks. When are you coming back?

Nichols Racing
07-15-2010 8:00:25 AM CST
Turning the enduros around hasbeen happening for a LONG time. It's sole purpose was to sort out cas that had modified their set-ups to turn left only. This gave the people with true enduro cars (stock suspension) a fighting chance since tech was not always able to notice the modifications. Even cars with alot of power are immediately at a disadvantage if they are set up to turn only one way. Is it unnerving at first? Absolutely. Most of my wins in the truck division were when they turned us around. The first time I ran full tilt into turns 2-1 at Star was a hayride! The truck would hop, then bite & go!It can be done, and I personally do not think it is any more unsafe, provided you have at least some protection in the vehicle ( cage, or bars, & a good race seat with a good harness) If everyone decides to stay home, it only puts another nail in the box to end affordable racing. If everyone is that concerned, talk to Mr. Webber and tell him of your concerns. But EVERYONE has to be on the same page. And, if you do all run left only, DO NOT COMPLAIN if you are getting beat by someone else who's setup is better thought out than yours.Do your homework & try things to improve it. Work on your cars whenever you can. Talk to other racers, especially the guys who have been building or racing cars for a while. They know alot of little, inexpensive things to help, and most, if not all of them, are more than happy to pass the info. along. Especially at Hudson International. Great bunch of people!

hey 07's girl
07-15-2010 7:47:55 AM CST
maybe you should take over the building next to the stairs... start selling homemade stuff.. appreciate the treats... would save from going up stairs ... or a booth at the drivers meeting lol

Stop complaining
07-15-2010 7:14:22 AM CST
There's more drama on here than on an episode of The Hills. Less complaining & MORE RACING! THANK YOU to the drivers who show up every week & have fun! To the ones who complain about everything...maybe you should consider another hobby or another track.

07-15-2010 6:57:35 AM CST
I like cookies!!! Does anyone get the local racing newspaper, or know where to get it?

07's Girl   jessie@angrypork.com
07-15-2010 6:14:50 AM CST

So much drama! FYI, I bought stuff to make cookies for this weekend!

Leon 13K endu... Road Runner
07-14-2010 9:08:59 PM CST
Enduros is for fun. its a place to learn. if we had the money to go race road runner every week we would. its that simple. Only my second year of racing so i believe that id still fall under the learning part aswell. the 2nd enduro was really good. outside the 17e dominating we had 13 cars on the track i think and some really good racing for position. 17 didnt even win that cause i think a tire went flat. From there, the counts have been dropping. I want to race this weekend at hudson. i love the track win or lose i have had fun there at every enduro since the first one of last year. However if someone dont come on here or make a posting threw facebook or the front page of the website that we will be going left and left only then unfortunatly i will choose to spend the day with friends else where. and it looks like there are about 6 or 7 more cars that feel the same way.

07-14-2010 8:31:46 PM CST
I can count just on here 7 cars that are not coming to Hudson speedway for enduro races because of the dispute over the direction. Pats car has been sold and I have been told that the new owner is NOT running in the enduro races with it. that would really only leave the 17e as a road runner racing. What he has done is build a car to race Road runner with and just go out and have fun, while his fast car sits in wait for the enduro race. It sucks but he has exploited a loop hole in the rules to let himself race and claim win after win. It has nothing to do with me not winning. I can tell you that I have never won a race in my life on the track. That dont bother me at all. i race for fun. It is not fun anymore running right. There is no set up, you cant out run faster cars with handling. I run a car with 92HP out of the box and I can beat civic's and acuras and nissans because i know how to set up a car to beet them guys threw the corners. Running the reverse direction makes that impossible. You cant overcome 30HP with out set up.

question on flags
07-14-2010 8:13:27 PM CST
when the yellow comes out... and there is a wreck or spin out what is the rule for what cars go to the rear?

turn left turn right
07-14-2010 7:55:04 PM CST
maybe its not safe for you cause your not winning? this class is to have fun... start out with a stock car see if you can learn how to handle a true race car... your choice to keep them home..... think anyone else out there or the fans are going to care.... show u can race either direction is a well deserved trophy

07-14-2010 5:30:53 PM CST
I'm not saying that every enduro car is built to smash, but a lot of them are. And for the roadrunners that build up there bumpers, they tend to use them a lot, and that is not the division for it either. so basically they need to make people choose one or the other. like jeff said no one is there to tell you where to run. so until they figure it all out. we will see what the next week brings...

v-8 enduros
07-14-2010 5:01:12 PM CST
we have 2 v-8 enduro cars we wont be running till we turn left 100% off the time sorry to the fans but for 1 it is unsafe and 2 thay are both stock but for saftey and yes thay are set up to turn left but like i said its a stock 305 with a 150k on it

red 86
07-14-2010 4:41:34 PM CST
any new roadrunner cars havent raced in weeks

Jeff #00
07-14-2010 3:08:00 PM CST
Leon i agree 100 percent with you. Its a lose lose situation. The track took the approach to run them backwards and it didn't make anyone happy. At the beggining of the season they didn't let rr race with enduros. The problem was not enough cars showed up which pisses the fans off. Theres not much for the track to do except recruite and be guaranteed enough enduros to fill a field and make a good show for the fans. I just would hate to see this division fade away becuase it can be a great division for drivers and fans alike. I used to look forward to the wed night battles at star between the Legere family in the m cars and the douphinette family cars. Thats what the enduros need is a good rivalry to get the fans interested again

Leon 13K endu... Road Runner
07-14-2010 2:49:43 PM CST
#20 if you'd like to come over and find the reinforcement in my front bumper your welcome to help out cause ive never seen any reinforcement in my car in all the time ive had it. im not sure how thats a problem as ive seen some crazy things behind the road runner front and rear bumpers. and Jeff, no its not really fair BUT its no more or less fair then our Sub $500 cars racing against stuff that recently sold for about $1200 until the track steps in and has someone sort this out its only going to get worse. how hard is it to have someone look at a car and say no, this is over built, this is not and enduro car and you cant run that but you can run that as a road runner. or say No, this is not a road runner its and enduro and you'll have to run it as such. if i wasnt racing id be 10000% willing to volunteer to do it for free (ok not Free, maybe for a hudson chicken tender basket YUM)

Boo Hoo
07-14-2010 2:46:06 PM CST
If you don't want to come out and race your 4cyl car then fine. Stop crying about it. The 8's go left and right as well and none of them are on here complaining. They are out there having fun. Your line about turning right being unsafe is crap too. Stop making excuses. When you're done pouting and ready to come racing again we'll see you at the track, until then keep it to yourself cause nobody likes a cry baby. The 5 enduro cars that do show up will get their laps and have a great time. And the V8 enduros will continue to do their thing without complaining.

07-14-2010 2:00:26 PM CST
exactly my point. enduros are reinforced in the bumpers for contact. they dont have much saftey to them. plus most of them would pass through on the scales with no cage.

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