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07-17-2010 9:14:42 PM CST
the lady drove the silver 18 v6 supermodified and her name was kelly devaney and im not ashamed to say she beat me.

07's Girl   jessie@angrypork.com
07-17-2010 4:54:53 PM CST
Matt 86 vw- love your car... (I am a HUGE vw geek, I've owned about 15 vw's in my life). I'd buy it in a heartbeat if I had another truck & trailer. Unfortunately we can only get one car to the track. Good luck with the sale & sorry to hear you won't be racing for too much longer.

enduro race
07-17-2010 8:05:58 AM CST
leon, i agree your providing some information about other tracks, but i think mr webber has far more knowledge than any one of us about whats going on in short track racing..... there are a lot of great ideas coming through but when you have a large race put together it also effects the other divisions and time curfews at the track... you start taking away from the rookies and outlaws time your going to see guys leaving.. each week in those two division its growing by one two cars... by season ends the rookies and outlaws are going to be in the 30's...plus have to cinsider the other divisions as well and there are some incredible kids that very well deserve to move up.... I think Hudson is seeing for the first time in a very long time some very talented woman drivers in every division which is very rare at hudson...... the last woman i knew that was successful was a v6 mod driver believe her name was kelly? any one remember..

Leon 13K endu... Road Runner
07-16-2010 7:55:38 PM CST
matt, Falken RT615's are your best bet for competitive tire. but also Doral SDL 60 195/60 R14 85H are decent. they a $50 a peice and made by suitomo. i ran them before i got the falkens. infact still run them on the inside. Get pretty gummy. They work well. They are a 280 treafware Trac A Temp A

matt 86 vw
07-16-2010 4:39:21 PM CST
car 4 sale 1500bo could be fast with money that i dont have gana run a few more NEED good set of tires for cheap

Leon 13K endu... Road Runner
07-16-2010 2:51:51 PM CST
Promoting other tracks? or using other successful enduro events as examples of things to try to get large numbers of enduro cars and drivers back to the track and racing? used to be back in the day you would see enduros races have their own race day. youd have a 4 cyl race, a V8 race a truck race and maybe a powder puff race. The drivers would use there buddies trucks and trailers to haul the cars in cause they couldnt afford their own haulers. It would not be uncommon to see enduro cars roll out of modified trailers. That was even the case on a lot of Wednesday night enduro races up at Star back in 07 or 08 when they did them events. -- Also on another note, someone back a few posts said something about taking the fast cars out by wrecking them. Effective? yes! would i as a driver do it? NO! im not interested in going out there and wrecking my car or anyone elses. yea ive paid people back and i have a few people that still got one coming their way thats still owed but im not going to just wreck someone because they are faster. its a race not a demo derby. you wanna wreck cars while racing run the flag pole race lol. Im all for helping hudson out and keeping it going and making sure that enduros are apart of the schedule long into the future. call it bitching or call it not being afraid to voice my opinion at the end of the day we are all racers and id hope that we can all respect each other enough to treat one another civil on here. the funny part is the guys calling me and a few others "crybabys or other things cant use there real names. they hide behind screen name. Props to RR#20 and Timmy, Nico, Glen, Recon, and the other guys that arn't afraid to use their real identity on here. i might come down sunday i might not. Not sure yet if i do come down what division ill run or what car i may bring. depends on how saturday night goes.

enduro race
07-16-2010 1:04:31 PM CST
Leon all i see you doing is promoting other tracks not helping hudson in any way... here is a solution ... why dont all the enduro guys/girls get together put up 20 - $25 in a pot before the race and the winner takes all? gives a good incentive... you get hudsons payout and some extra cash from your racing buddies??? if a rookie car wants in on the pot he puts up $50

Leon 13K endu... Road Runner
07-16-2010 11:06:13 AM CST
Also another note on the big pot enduros, Twin state speedway ran a wildcat/enduro race last year that held a $5000 pot. $2000 to the winner alone. They had no minimum car count and the race drew 68 cars. the race wasnt even announced until the first of September. in one month they drew that may cars to a track that weekly draws 10 enduro/wildcat cars a week. if hudson did something like this (obviously a smaller pay out) i bet you could get 100 cars to the pumpkinfest. instead of $500 to win, you offered 350, and second down to 200 and spread the other $200 out to pay out the top 10 cars rather then just the top 5 i bet that could also draw in some cars. Monadnock only pays the top 10 with the winners getting $150. the pay out usually breaks down to 10th getting 25, 9th 35, 8th 45, im not sure about 7th up to 4th but 3rd place got $80 last time out, and i know 2nd got 110 earlier in the season. "the dog" draws 30 cars a week and these, as timmy said, are very well built, over prepared enduro cars. infact 5 of them came down to last years don hayes and ran as road runners and did fairly well.

Leon 13K endu... Road Runner
07-16-2010 10:57:38 AM CST
i like the idea of a bigger money pay out race maybe the labor day race would be the place to TRY it. start promoting it and see what can be done. the reason for turning us around (other then to "weed out cheaters" is to keep interest from the fans. so if there is a good amount of cars out there, they wont find a reason to turn them around. maybe also set up a clause that if the race pulls in X amount of cars or more they will not turn the cars around. Something obviously has to be done because you've got a good amount of cars not coming to the track because of it. I might break down after all and race sunday, ya never know. on another topic, has the back stretch lights been fixed yet?

RR#20   devits88@yahoo.com
07-16-2010 9:18:04 AM CST
Does anyone have a factory radio for an 89 lincoln town car that they dont want. perhaps a car they stripped to race. I have a friend restoring a town car that needs a radio. If you have one shoot me an email. thanks

Big Pot Enduro
07-16-2010 9:15:11 AM CST
I believe the cost to register an enduro car is $20 bucks. So if Mr. Webber ran an enduro with 1st prize = $500, 2nd prize = $80, 3rd prize = $60, 4th prize = $40, and 5th prize = $20, that would total $700 in prize money and would take a 35 car field to pay for the pot without cutting into pit pass money. I think it can be done with the "35 car minimum field for full payout" disclosure. Everyone should email Mr. Webber at hudbw@aol.com and politely ask/encourage him to try this!

#63 Niko
07-16-2010 8:21:20 AM CST
All you would have to do is advertise it all around as something like a $700.00 to WIN enduro and have an asterik next to it that would say below "30 car minimum for full payout". The word would get out and it would hopefully kick people in gear to get a car out there to try to win the big pot. The entry fee would take care of the pot and Bob would make the money off all the pit passes.

promote enduros
07-16-2010 8:13:57 AM CST
Whoever runs the Hudson Speedway Facebook page should put a status up about the Labor Day enduros in September to try to recruit cars & drivers! And also maybe post an article in the weekly racing paper. Use all resources possible to get the word out!

Enduro Round Up
07-16-2010 8:00:29 AM CST
All you enduro guys should start putting the word out now: Let's see 30+ cars in both divisions for the Memorial Day enduro on 9/6. That's more than a month's notice. Let all your friends who drive enduros know. Let's create some hype. Maybe someone can find a sponsor to put down some money for the pot? Have the race be named after the sponsor? Throwing ideas out. Let's get the fields bigger, I love watching the enduros!

07-16-2010 7:40:46 AM CST
I think its a great idea for the track to put out a bigger pot for enduro drivers to win! You need to spend money to make money. So if the track makes it worth it for these drivers to show up, you will see a larger field of cars! In turn, it'll make even the fastest enduro car & driver work harder for the win. And will hopefully stop all the complaining thats been going on! Its not impossible to bring the enduros back to where they were years ago (50+ cars) its just going to take a little effort on the track's part. Bigger enduros will also attract attention to bring in a larger crowd of fans! It would be a shame for the enduros to be phased out.

56 enduro
07-16-2010 5:19:13 AM CST
waaaaaaaaaaaaaa stay home babiees i run in enduroe that turn left or right maybe i dont have a problem cause my front is STOCK learn 2 drive n stop crying

07-16-2010 3:39:48 AM CST

dont think im gona make it, my car isn't ready yet,i WILL try !!

Timmy Johnson
07-15-2010 10:22:38 PM CST
This topic has and will be a heated debate for many for years to come. Look at the Dog's enduro's. They are not your typical gut and run car. So why is Hudson any different? This just proves that it isn't because of the "17E" that people are not coming. People are not coming for other reason's. Webber needs to have a 700.00 to win enduro once a month, bring people in from other tracks in hopes they take a liking to how Hudson. Make a reason for people to come try Hudson. For those who are complaining about not being fast enough, GET A BETTER CAR! I drove a black golf 2 door with nothing but a good set of tires and I would be battling with Jesse in the 17E. Doesn't take much for someone to be competitive, you can't compare a 90HP motor to a 140hp integra motor. Look what cars are dominating and go get one. If you need help I would be more than happy to assist you! Just for the record, Jesse is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. If you have questions about his car, go ask him!

07-15-2010 8:32:30 PM CST
HEY 31 hold onto ur cheeseburger the grease from the burger works as a great tire softner.... i think she is about to put girl scout cookies out of business!!

Zombie boy
07-15-2010 7:32:48 PM CST

car 31
07-15-2010 6:13:51 PM CST
how come i dont get a cookie? will i have to trade you a cheesburger?

enduro drama...
07-15-2010 3:27:00 PM CST
If you all have such a problem with the 17e winning so much,then come this weekend with your car and race him! the more there is the more competition it'll bring to him. Even the slower cars with no chance of winning could help stop his winning streak by getting in the way and whatnot.Make it difficult for him and make it interesting out there.Oh,and stop complaining about the turnaround! if it's so unsafe and you REALLY don't care about winning like you're just racing for "FUN"...then there shouldn't be any reason why you cant just driver slower and more careful out there. The only reason the 17e is winning so much is because you babies wimp out and cry to this site about how unfair the track is. Grow up guys, seriously!

07-15-2010 2:31:06 PM CST
just kidding

NE Enduro Tour
07-15-2010 1:18:03 PM CST
Recon XXX is onto something. We can bring back the enduros of old by getting lots of cars to the track. With fields of 40+ it starts to get difficult to manage high HP cars and you can't always hug the line you want so superior handling cars won't always cut it either. Lets all round up our enduro friends and convince them to bring their cars out this weekend. Every car counts, let's get em out there! See you all at Hudson this weekend!

07-15-2010 12:52:45 PM CST
my real name is John Esburnett and I am in love with Erica Page

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