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08-01-2010 6:25:15 AM CST
mad dog cars would run all over those cars you call enduros.it would be a joke ask road runner 69.hudson a shit hole with junks

07-31-2010 10:05:05 PM CST
were can i get race fuel around track

Glen   racejunkie64@aol.com
07-31-2010 7:57:51 PM CST

96 police interceptor 500 will take it,runs great,you could allmost drive it home, which he did after the crash,please email me,thanks

07-31-2010 5:15:52 PM CST
I have no intentions on taking people out. I show up to race, because i enjoy it. I will run the exact way I have been tomorrow. Hope we can have a nice clean race.

race with class
07-31-2010 2:55:13 PM CST
just remember when you go to dump someone and you take out other cars that are there to race... or someone gets hurt because of your stupidity... you may show up alone or dont have families that value racing but there are families that do... you can do more damage by beating the car/driver by taking away points

07-31-2010 1:47:36 PM CST
don't worry I'll be there tomorrow, and I'll bring you guys some pacifiers

07-30-2010 7:50:40 PM CST
I know i got dumped by the #40 a couple times my self, i was on vacation, by did see the video. I didn't exactly make me sad. Thought he should have spun him with on or two to go. Then he would have finished further back, (if that is what he was trying to accomplish.) But #77 hasn't been dumped by him seeing he just started!

07-30-2010 7:00:32 PM CST
I loved watching miller get dumped on turn 4 I HATE Eric Miller and the 48

Joseph Gilbert   jmcnamara96@gmail.com
07-30-2010 2:16:41 PM CST

Hey who wants to race a fast little 4 clinder volvo email if you want 600

07-30-2010 6:02:14 AM CST
anyone else like seeing eric miller get what he deserved on the last lap. HAHA people are cashing in on old debts now! get what you deserve and been handing out yourself for so long! 77 just turned that thing the wrong direction!

07-29-2010 9:19:42 AM CST

Hudson Facebook
07-28-2010 9:28:48 PM CST
Hudson does have a facebook page.

enduros always at hudson
07-28-2010 7:19:08 PM CST
come on racing being done with b mac at all star? who is the sponsor "vaseline"? keep your racing pride in Hudson!!

Big Sandy   NHEngineer@Gmail.com
07-28-2010 5:18:13 PM CST
Mr. Webber. I hate this friggin' keyboard!

Big Sandy   NHEngineer@Gmail.com

Thompson has a Facebook location. [facebook dot com (fwd slash) thompson.speedway] Why Don't we, Mr. Wedder?

07-28-2010 1:32:14 PM CST
I'll be there. Don't forget there is also a V8 enduro on Aug 8th and a 4cyl enduro on Aug 15th.

07-28-2010 1:15:20 PM CST
ok lets get rolling on enduro cars set 6 and the big one the pumpkin fest screw bobby mac and his holler how many times has he been there for us hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm zero how many people have been screwed by him duuhhh a lot mr webber has had enduros for us all year comeon people lets support the track that has given us a place to run enduro cars this yearshow mr webber your thanks come on down sept 6 and for the pumpkinfest tell b mac 2 stuff the howeller you most likely wont see any money from him anyway just ask some of his fomer racers lets gooooooooooooooooooo rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrracing hudson style

Jason Carroll   jason@angrypork.com
07-28-2010 8:09:23 AM CST
My videos are up 2 from the stands 2 from my in car search youtube Jason Carroll Roadrunner Feature

car 31
07-27-2010 8:23:45 PM CST
you got it pigman ill see wha i can do

07-27-2010 7:56:15 PM CST
great job #31 glad to see you guys in the winners circle,keep up the good work.I want a team shirt damn it all to hell. ha ha

Glen   racejunkie64@aol.com
07-27-2010 5:36:35 PM CST

got a 96 p71 crown vic. for sale, run's great brother-in-law had a small accident,would make a good enduro car,email me if interested, thank u

mustang # 12
07-27-2010 7:54:43 AM CST
Hey Johnny r 11x sorry for hitting you so much I was just antsy to get up front. And theres a video from my car if thats what you mean by RoadRunner video.

johnny r 11x
07-26-2010 8:00:29 PM CST
couldent find part two of the road runner feature on u tube. is it out there, or was the sun to strong

07-26-2010 7:14:01 PM CST
andy the rear end held up ok but would like to look into the piece you were talking about if you could remember

07-26-2010 7:04:03 PM CST
thanks guys felt good to get the first win

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