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Zombie boy
08-07-2010 6:11:06 PM CST
I volunteer to be a judge for the bake off. Just make sure there is ice cold milk to wash it all down. I like bake offs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

08-07-2010 7:45:14 AM CST
They are chocolate cups cakes with an orange #20 on them. Maybe they can have a challenge sometime. Perhaps the end of the season championship...

cupcakes/cookies oh my
08-06-2010 11:12:14 PM CST
wow sounds like the 07 is looking for a bake off contest in the pits...... but the issue is can they make cookies with their car number on them like the 07 did?

07's Girl   jessie@angrypork.com
08-06-2010 4:53:07 AM CST
Ooo, I'm excited that someone else is baking this week! Perhaps I will take this weekend off & try one of hers!

08-05-2010 9:34:24 PM CST

My girl is baking cup cake for this weeks race, feel free to come by and have one, good luck next week. And good job Jason...I'm still waiting for my first win.

Potential Sponsor   joshuan@platcometals.com
08-05-2010 9:56:03 AM CST

I am president of Platco Metals Inc in Hudson, NH. I am contemplation sponsorship of a car that races @ Hudson Speedway and other tracks around New England. If you are looking for a sponsor, please send me pics of your car as well as what you are looking for as far as sponsorship money. I would require my company logo very visible on your car.

johnny r 11x
08-04-2010 9:02:02 PM CST
great job jasson , good run , you deserve it. see you this week , hopefully.

Zombie boy
08-04-2010 6:31:02 PM CST
Way to go 07! Congratulations. Will there be celebratory cookies this weekend???

hudson worrriors
08-04-2010 5:39:04 PM CST

that guy in the beemer needs to learn how to drive and not to go after one person if i was driving i would have put him in the wall but i was not driving im glad cause he would have kissed the wall and we have a four cylinder enduro car finally i can race enduros they are fun.

car 31
08-04-2010 6:32:06 AM CST
that was an imposter i didnt realize that you could sign in as another name!

08-03-2010 7:27:18 AM CST
Your doing better then me in points... I got taken right off the list... looks like they went back to may/june points...hopefully they can get some results up, and fix the points

car 31
08-02-2010 8:28:18 PM CST
geeze you win a race and your expecting more points? well according to the list you are in 7th and 8th place... so lap yourself twice and you could be in first next week....lol we will give ya the championship trophy following week..

08-02-2010 1:41:36 PM CST
sorry guys, had your chance, someone from Seekonk baught it

lepage #31
08-02-2010 11:50:09 AM CST
looks like all the points are screwed up.it does look like we dropped way back?

car 31
08-02-2010 11:19:35 AM CST
what happened to the rookie points... looks like we lost points

08-02-2010 10:56:11 AM CST
Those days are still here! I'm in the pits every weekend & these guys go right over to each other after each race (when they're upset & when they're happy for one another). Believe it or not as much crying as you see on here...there's the same amount of congratulating. But these are things that happen behind the scenes that people in the stands or those who just read this website don't see. I haven't seen anyone wreck another driver intentionally this season. There's been "talk" on this site about dumping people but that's the extent of it...nothing has been done purposely on the track (with the exception of bumping & pushing) What I see is a good number of equally fast cars which creates competition...this is racing...you can't expect to go out there every race & be untouched. To be honest, the fans drag out the rivalries long after the drivers have resolved them. Dispite the arguments, the attitudes, the disagreements & the differences of opinions, these guys are all out there for the same reason; they love the sport!

08-02-2010 9:21:38 AM CST
i'll give you that they do run a good race in fact last nights was real good . yes they r unpredictable. i guess i'm just tired of people crying on here. i just want to know what to the days where u go to the other driver and talk it out instead of intentionally trying to wreck peoples cars or trying to hurt them in front of their family.

08-02-2010 7:33:17 AM CST
Roadrunners put on one of the best shows week to week! They're 110% unpredictable. I agree that it would be nice if everyone were to stop bitching and moaning (on this site & at the track) but regardless it doesn't take away from the fact that these guys run a good race!

Enduro Tour
08-02-2010 3:20:45 AM CST
Aug 8 full size Enduro payoff : 1. $200, 2.$100, 3. $75, 4.$50, 5.$25 ( Minimum 15 entries ) NO Rookies allowed. Lets see how it goes and maybe we can get it built back up.

08-01-2010 1:28:52 PM CST
i use to like watching roadrunners but now its just ridiculous. if half u guys spent as much time learning to race as u do crying on here it would be a better division to watch. the thunder lites put on a better show. and their teenagers

racing fuel
08-01-2010 12:35:42 PM CST
uu can get it at haffners in hudson over by market basket and shop n save

08-01-2010 9:43:39 AM CST
rc i will be testing the waters next week with my enduro car at monadnock to see what they got

08-01-2010 8:22:47 AM CST
well a new sherrif(got his badge at toys r us) came to town and ran everyone out of star!! lol so they all moved to a great little village called hudson were the sherrif takes care of his people..

mad dog
08-01-2010 6:42:36 AM CST
what happen to star speedway

car 9
08-01-2010 6:31:09 AM CST
road runner, what is the purse for top five finishers might come and race today.

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