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to rr20
08-11-2010 7:18:54 AM CST
the 40 was out for several laps on the caution but if im not mistaken he returned in the rear. the 12 is the one who got his spot back (as he always does)

Sweets for the Sweaty
08-10-2010 10:10:12 PM CST
Hey bakeoff Schmakeoff, when the ladies make cookies or cupcakes and invite other racers and crew members to come over and eat. The conversation usaully turns to racing. You get to know a little about who your racing with and it's a nice gesture. P.S. Don't take this the wrong way, but there is always the All-Star website. I know for sure that their not taking about baking.HA HA!!

08-10-2010 8:13:55 PM CST
its a 4 door not a hatch call me with any other? will sell parts before i junk it if it doesent sell its a 1.9 5 speed 978 804 0380

08-10-2010 7:53:55 PM CST
What kind of shape is the escort in, is it a hatch? 1.8L or 1.9L, stick or auto? is it for road or track. I may need a parts car. Especially after that neon smashed my rear end...

08-10-2010 7:31:41 PM CST
93 escort for sale must go 225bo

08-10-2010 3:45:07 PM CST
I am not saying the #40 is a great driver, but he is better than some, The green neon that plowed the rear of my car sunday for instince. But he is used to a front drive and that datsun is way to loose for his driving habits. Simply he needs more practice, and not as much contact. But i know im not the best driver either, but i try not to hit other people and ruin their night. Simple, race clean and everyone is happy.

a roadrunner driver
08-10-2010 2:58:39 PM CST
the #40 just cant drive at all any way... he couldent drive a front wheel drive what makes him think that he can drive a rear wheel drive... he's outta of his mind

08-10-2010 2:29:02 PM CST
finding it funny the 20 car is back tracking on his comment about the 40

race fan
08-10-2010 2:28:14 PM CST
Loose and driving through some one are two different things. 40 needs to think before he dives into the turn, he has turned more drivers with his front bumper than all the other drivers combind. Thats what we see from the stands. Keep your head up You will get one soon, it takes time to figure a car out. It takes some drivers a long time to get a win. Look at the 07 he is very fast and it took him a long time to win one. Your right the 12 is a great driver I was just making my point.

love hudson
08-10-2010 2:18:50 PM CST
how funny is that webber puts the 40 up near the front and all the faster cars in the back an the 40 still cant win.

08-10-2010 2:10:20 PM CST
#40 can drive ok, but his car is loose, loose is fast, but often out of control. By the way, derek can drive pretty good, i am impressed, just wish i could get ALL the bugs out of my car.

race fan
08-10-2010 1:22:24 PM CST
The 40 car should run the enduro! I think he has hit every car in the roadrunners. The kid in the 12 car can drive better than him and he is not old enuff to have a drivers licence!

08-10-2010 12:58:43 PM CST
The #40, he caused the last caution, then they held his spot in line for him, just doesn't seem right to me.

race fan
08-10-2010 10:58:41 AM CST
rr 20,What car are you talking about??

08-10-2010 10:19:27 AM CST
How does it work if you spin and cause a caution, they hold your spot while your in the pits for 5 caution laps. That makes no sense at all. Seems to be that if your from hudson, they bend the rules for you??? Anyone else would go to the back of the pack...

bakeoff schmakeoff
08-10-2010 10:00:20 AM CST
sick of reading about cookies and cupcakes. this is a racing website not betty crocker.

08-10-2010 9:03:47 AM CST
Are you concerned about winning? Where can we get this coolant? How much?

07's Girl   jessie@angrypork.com
08-10-2010 8:01:57 AM CST
Regarding the bakeoff... I don't like the idea of whip cream pies in the faces of the people who worked hard to give you all tasty treats! I think the winner should get to hold the checkered flag & get their photo put on the "results" page of this site. =)

07's Girl   jessie@angrypork.com
08-10-2010 7:59:15 AM CST

Huge Thank You to our new sponsor - Moore Performance & Race Parts - creator of Moore Cool Racing Coolant! Cutting edge formula that maximizes heat transfer and cooling ability resulting in temps up to 50 degrees cooler. Biodegradable, non-toxic water based formula that will not harm pets or the environment.

congrats to peter #135
08-09-2010 10:05:53 PM CST
Thanks for some great memories and many more Peter.... Peter offered some great advice always be willing to listen learn in the pits... When i was growing up coming to the track there were FOUR drivers i always looked for in the pits as a kid... Peter, Dave Dion, moe tweety and M3 Mike Murphy... ..It was the number 135 always looked for the blue school bus car carrier of Dave Dion and the doll head on top of Moes camaro and the M3 ..... that was racing!! Peter never had the nicest looking car out there but has provided over the years some of the greatest racing memories!! well earned honor!

cookie bake off
08-09-2010 7:32:26 PM CST
how about the winning team.. gets to throw whip cream pies in the face of the loosing team ... at the start finish line?

08-08-2010 1:29:22 PM CST
Sorry no WHOLE milk (the only real milk) today, I could supply some for a real bake off if they want to schedule one. What should the top prize be? Zombie, you will have to introduce your self at the track.

Zombie boy
08-08-2010 12:01:44 PM CST
Stay Classy

07's Girl   jessie@angrypork.com
08-08-2010 10:44:11 AM CST

Zombieboy, your comment made me think of Will Ferrell screaming "milk was a bad choice" in Anchorman.

08-07-2010 8:39:17 PM CST

I have a 93 ford escort 4 door. it needs a clutch for sale 250 bo

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