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08-12-2010 4:07:08 PM CST
There is a difference between racing, and taking people out. i know what rubbing is, I know sometimes you need to bump someone to let them know you are there. I also see other people using here bumpers, but every single week is a little excessive to be dumping someone off the track. And my in car cam shows #40 restaring in front of me. I restarted dircetly behind the #47, and I didn't have anyone get by me, the #86 came close with one to go, but i held my spot.

just a hudson fan
08-12-2010 3:03:59 PM CST
to: wtf AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

08-12-2010 2:51:42 PM CST
#20rr whatever issue you have with the 40rr, keep it between you two. stop dragging other drivers into it. and dont go out on the track expecting not to rub or bump BUMPers. its going to happen. its all a part of racing. go hard or go home.

just a hudson fan
08-12-2010 2:38:07 PM CST
hey rr20 why don't u go watch the videos closely the 40 did NOT START in front of u after he brought out that last caution he did indeed start in the back. P.S. u should all stop whining about one guy when i see a few that like to use their bumpers all the time and try to make the track three lanes wide!!!!!!!

08-12-2010 2:10:47 PM CST
i seen there were like 17 cars this week anybody know what to the rest i can't remember all the #s but i know the 48 wasn't back iseen the 42JR is a thunder lite but where were the rest

no one important
08-12-2010 1:55:55 PM CST
hey #20 rr if you spent half the time on hear as you do working on your car maybe youll do better... haha j/k

#12 (Derek)
08-12-2010 11:07:06 AM CST
Hey guys Thanks on the compliments and im not sure who hit me. I dont care because it was just racing. And the deal with the "hair cut" is I have another week to win because the car has bot been running right.

08-12-2010 10:36:58 AM CST
Derek, in your video who got into the back of you? the #40? really screwed you out of a few spots...

40 car
08-11-2010 11:55:43 PM CST
whats happening from the track if i may say as a fan. the 40 is coming out of the turn looking to get into his grove regardless if he can fit or not. it happens in turn 2 and 4 all the time never going into 1 or 3. I may be wrong but thats what i see... Is he taking out people on purpose i dont see it. What i do see he has possibly the fastes car out there just needs more racing time and better understanding of were to stay and when to try to make a move... the one i see as a dirty driver and constantly buping drivers out of the way is the #69... small car think he could atleast go around or wait to make a pass , but instead rather drive over cars than to race them for a position. watch the films and every race he is running people off the track attentionally.

08-11-2010 10:28:27 PM CST
Rumor has it derek is getting a haircut this week? is this still going to happen, i will have to charge the camera. Any input Rockstar...

08-11-2010 10:07:33 PM CST
It was a green neon, not sure the number. I know the front is about a foot or so shorter now. I dont think i had seen it there at all, and whoever was driving, knows they hit something bad, my rear wheels came off the ground. I started in the rear do to not finishing the heat due to electrical issues. hopefully next week i will have some better luck...

johnny r 11x
08-11-2010 8:21:24 PM CST
RR # 20 i dont remember seeing you in the feature so it couldent have been me. there were three neons out there this past sunday, witch one hit you. i dont beleave in crashing people on purpos, but racing hard sometimes shit happens.

08-11-2010 4:18:17 PM CST
Hey everyone, Just wanted to say thanks for all the compliments on Derek. He is trying hard to both win and drive clean. I am very proud of him to make a big jump at his age not to mention do good after taking the big step! For the most part we get positive feedback from all the drivers he races against. As far as taking spots that are not his... he has always gone back to where he thinks he should be after a caution. He has also started in the wrong spot because someone is in his spot. As someone said earler alot of racers dont see the caution and keep racing and think they should have a spot thats not theirs (Derek included) Derek has even been shorted a position in the finishing order and we never complained. The bottom line is that its hard racing for every position some times mistakes are made by both track and drivers. Some drivers dont drive as good as others some drivers have better equipment than others. Its HUDSON SPEEDWAY not DAYTONA LOL!! Everyone keep trying as hard as they can and maybe one of us will catch LOU 69 one of these days LOL! See everone sunday and good luck!!

Jason Carroll   Jason@angrypork.com
08-11-2010 1:30:55 PM CST
My friend couldn't record the feature this past week, it was too dark...my in-car video will be up in a day or two.

a fan
08-11-2010 12:55:50 PM CST
is the past weekends roadrunner feature on u tube i cant find it

race fan
08-11-2010 12:38:33 PM CST
Thats right the 12 was trying to pass for the lead on the front straight and the 86 chop blocked him and put the 12 in the infield. A couple laps later the 86 tire went down maybe from blocking the 12.

race fan
08-11-2010 12:27:36 PM CST
All I know for sure is that the 12 can drive pretty good never mind that he is 12 or 13 years old! He will be a force in the years to come. Keep up the good work 12!

08-11-2010 12:21:41 PM CST
my apology to the 12. thats right it was the 86 and 40 that left the track.

08-11-2010 12:00:34 PM CST
thanks jerry. your not suppost to tell anyone about the n.o.s. in the taxi light that was between me and you... opps now everyone knows hahahaha

08-11-2010 11:12:32 AM CST
The 40 car restarted ahead of me, is was in eight, after he spun in 5or6th, then he restarted ahead of me, i think 4th? The #12 never pulled off the track, the 86 did and they didnt give him his spot. nobody else passed me even though my car was breaking up after getting rear ended by some shitty neon not paying attention. After i rebuild the rear of my car, and fix my elecrtical issues, i will be back for some more racing... Hopefully clean racing...

lepage #31
08-11-2010 9:53:06 AM CST
nice job slika. were could i get one of those taxi {light/nos bottles}. ha ha way to go

to race fan
08-11-2010 9:51:47 AM CST
you might be right. the 12 might not have left and i could be confusing the races. but hes definitely taken spots back that he shouldnt have. other than that he does very well out there with the roadrunners. its impressive.

race fan
08-11-2010 8:10:05 AM CST
P.S. I dont belive the 12 ever left the track??

race fan
08-11-2010 8:07:45 AM CST
They always revert to the last full lap before the caution unless you cause the caution or leave the track. That eliminates drivers from racing back to the caution/ start finish line. Half the time alot of the drives DONT see the caution and keep racing so it makes the guys that DO see the caution look like they are taking spots back when in reality they are lining up where they belong. Its like that at most tracks. The 12 car is paying attention.

08-11-2010 7:44:08 AM CST
sunday august 15, 4 cylinder ENDURO! $200 to win. minimum of 15 cars. come on guys 15 cars shouldnt be hard. round them up. fast cars needed out there. dont want to see the 69 win another race. tired of seeing that car in winners row every week. and leon dont worry they dont turn the cars around anymore all your crying worked.

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