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just a hudson fan
08-16-2010 7:52:07 PM CST
ok i stand corrected after slowing the video down i see what happend. but i will tell u at full speed it looked like the 11 got a run thats why i said what i did. and yes u r correct about the 11 except even i wouldn't punish the kids like that.

11 car sucks
08-16-2010 6:58:12 PM CST
the 11 car cant drive and it was NOT the 12 cars fault the 86 car was just holding his groove and the 12 car got hit hard causing him to get into the back of the 86.... the 86 went for a ride and no one could avoid it THATS RACING stop whining this stuff happens all the time... and just because you (just a hudson fan) think the 86 came down on the 11 watch the video if the 11 car didnt wedge him self just next to the 86 rear bumper it wuda been fine the 11 car cant drive and should be in the thunder light class

The Watcher
08-16-2010 6:34:31 PM CST
Just a Hudson fan is right.

08-16-2010 4:41:55 PM CST
they just need to spell my name right SLIKA. thats what gets me mad. haha i have a feeling that was one of my friends messing with me. if not thats cool at least there watching.

just a hudson fan
08-16-2010 4:35:04 PM CST
r u kiddin me u can't be that blind to see the12 did get him once but the 86 was fine til the 12 got slammed from behind back into him the second time. if u watch and LISTEN u will here the hit that derrek took so don't blame him. also in his video it shows the 86 runninthe 11 down to the inside!!!!!! derek don't listen to what he has to say the video speaks for it's self. P.S. it was the 47 that slammed the 12 from behind!!!!

08-16-2010 3:06:35 PM CST

car 31
08-16-2010 11:16:55 AM CST
hmmm slika looks like your doing a great job because people are starting to not like you lol keep up the good work we will get there soon

racing bumping
08-16-2010 9:39:05 AM CST
well there is a big difference in racing bumping and driving over someone to get a position. for instance. watch the #69 rr if he cant pass you he will push you out of the way rather than waiting to pass inside or out... its a shame he gets the checkered flag sometimes or even deserves the championship... because he is not racing.. he is more an glorified demolition driver.. so some of these drivers have a right to complain when they are trying to race and cant..

08-16-2010 2:08:20 AM CST
slicka sucks again. wait a few weeks you'll win when you start up front.

just a hudson fan
08-15-2010 11:46:56 PM CST
and what roadrunners r u talkin about?

Just a spectator
08-15-2010 11:29:22 PM CST
(some)Roadrunners needa learn to drive and stop cryin racin is racin and if u hit some one expect to get hit that\\

Just a spectator
08-15-2010 11:29:22 PM CST
(some)Roadrunners needa learn to drive and stop cryin racin is racin and if u hit some one expect to get hit that\\

Leon 13K enduro
08-15-2010 5:20:37 PM CST
good luck to everyone tonight. had to work or id have come down to the enduro.

08-15-2010 1:37:58 PM CST
#40, my video is dark, but i didint see anyone get by me, I must have thought the 42 was you, but where did he finish? because i restarted 8th, and finished 8th...

08-15-2010 1:14:32 PM CST
RR#20 did you watch the video that the #12 posted? I went to the rear after the caution and worked my way back to 6th. Hopefully you get it all worked out. Good luck.

08-15-2010 11:48:23 AM CST
i kinda like the taxi also haha i dont know about two in a row with the weight i had to add it may screw us up for a few weeks till we figuer it out. see ya all at the track.

08-15-2010 10:42:05 AM CST
I like the taxi too, plus the driver is a really nice guy. We're all entitled to our own opinions on who we like & don't like, that's just a part of what makes watching racing interesting!

car 31
08-15-2010 8:42:39 AM CST
hey i kinda like the taxi!

#5 fan
08-15-2010 2:48:45 AM CST
the taxi sucks

08-14-2010 6:27:48 PM CST

8 ball fan
08-14-2010 5:35:05 PM CST
Picks for Sunday Rookie 8-5-31 Roadrunners 12-69-07 CL 14-41-73 hay Slika any truth to the rumor your moving up to Outlaws next year.

car 31
08-14-2010 1:05:38 AM CST
riverside is an awsome track alot of fast cars there

08-13-2010 3:25:57 PM CST
I have to say I watched the classic lites at riverside speedway in Groveton, NH and I was impressed with the race. That was a good race guy. My family and I enjoyed every minute of it.

08-13-2010 2:01:40 PM CST
i watched dereks videos on youtube. i think the 20 is confusing the 42 for the 40. maybe the 20 cars in car cam doesnt show the full car and hes mistaking the yellow on the 42 for the yellow on the 40. dereks cam clearly shows the 42 in front of the 47. and i remember the 40 restarting in the rear of the field.

just a hudson fan
08-12-2010 4:16:38 PM CST
yes u did start right behind the 47 but the 42 started in front of him not the 40 go wath the third video from derek. it clearly shows the 42 in front of the 47. if u have different proof then post it.

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