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08-20-2010 4:01:19 PM CST
If anyone is looking for a Rookie car I have one for sale.

08-20-2010 2:47:22 PM CST
That sounds good to me... I am looking for one.

08-20-2010 1:21:08 PM CST
Platco heres an easier solution, sponsor us all!

Leon 13K enduro
08-20-2010 11:44:22 AM CST
FORSALE: Dodge Neon 2.0 SOHC 16V Automatic. it has somewhat of a cage but i would strongly sugeest a rebuild for it if you wanted to race it ALOT. its a really nice car that has some good speed. its taken 2nd at the Twin State Redneck Enduros and had a couple strong runs over there. its comes with belts and a window net with latch and lock and rod. would be a really good car for a youngster to get into to learn racing in the Thunder lights, a great car for Flag poles. best served for the 4 cyl enduros (monadnock V hudson coming up) would be the perfect Howler... i mean Punkinfest enduro car. liked it but and wouldnt sell it BUT ive got too many cars around the yard and need to move some. $300 takes it as is. needs brake fluid and to be bled. car is all there NO rot, minor surface rust. car comes with the tires on it. also have 4 matching Falken Zeix 912 Tires with 15 laps on them tires ARE BRAND NEW. would like to get $150 for all 4 of them would take $100 for the set if they go with the neon. Great tires that get gummy and stick. again would be great for Thunder light cars. 195-65-14. Mid_Central_nh_18@yahoo or if you got me on facebook get at me there. would love to get rid of all this stuff to make room for a new toy that im getting

Sponsorship   info@platcometals.com
08-20-2010 6:55:53 AM CST

I posted on here a few weeks ago about sponsoring a car this year. At his point in the season I have decided to attend a few races, meet some of the drivers and find a car to sponsor for the entre 2011 season. I have received so many email responses from drivers looking for a sponsor. Attending myself and meeting some of you seems to be the best route to take. Maybe I'll see you at the track. Josh

08-19-2010 11:35:45 PM CST
I put gps in my rookie car and during a practice it said 79mph

08-19-2010 6:10:11 PM CST
If i am not mistaken it has to be a higher division that the track runs weekly. If that was the case neither me or Helliwell would be able to run the roadrunners. We are not learning anything for the roadrunner when we drive the v6 or the classic late anyways because they are total different cars then yours roadrunners.

car 31
08-19-2010 5:51:30 PM CST
i dont think it matters what anyone drives the only people bitching here are the people who arent racing. dave happens to be a pretty good guy . racing is racing if you dont want dents dont race..... or do what i do and just fix them if it happens more than once with the same guy go talk to him end of story bitching here wont solve anything !!!!!!

08-19-2010 5:47:14 PM CST
Halliwell matches his driving suit..... How can he race in roadrunners if he races in classic lites the rule book says you can't run in any other higher divisions?

08-19-2010 5:47:14 PM CST
Halliwell matches his driving suit..... How can he race in roadrunners if he races in classic lites the rule book says you can't run in any other higher divisions?

08-19-2010 4:53:30 PM CST
i'm not the man i just don't think any of the complaining is going to solve anything.

08-19-2010 12:59:30 PM CST
How about the rookies, how fast are they going?

08-19-2010 12:13:41 PM CST
the front pack is running about 16-16.5 second lap times and about 10 cars are right up there, i know my speedo hits about 70mph, but not sure how accurate that is.

08-19-2010 10:23:12 AM CST
does anyone kno how fast the rr are going out there

08-19-2010 7:16:39 AM CST
"If you think the last four words of the national anthem are 'Gentlemen, start your engines,' you might be a redneck." - Jeff Foxworthy

oval fan
08-18-2010 10:39:19 PM CST
halliwell is a driver, hes 19 and he does multiple divisions on his very own, hes agressive yet a hard charger , ive gottn nothing but kindness from his small crew give the young man credit . roadrunners keep putting on a great show every week! all you rr drivers do excellent!

08-18-2010 9:50:08 PM CST
That was the 77 of helliwell trying to win on the first lap if you watch the 07 in car you can see the 77 cut down on the 20. He must of thought he was still in his classic lite.

08-18-2010 6:43:42 PM CST
was it your the 40 that got into the back of the 20 when you got spun on the start?

08-18-2010 5:37:36 PM CST
11 car was in front and yes we did hit going into three and yes it was my fault but as far as i know he had nothing to do with it crash in 4

08-18-2010 4:09:57 PM CST
48 ur the man

08-18-2010 4:09:57 PM CST
48 ur the man

08-18-2010 2:59:12 PM CST
are they going to post results this week? i want to see some pics of all the excitement...

08-18-2010 2:10:51 PM CST
just remember its everyones fault cuz if we werent out on the track there would have been no race therefor no crash. so for all those who want to blame driver after driver blame them all then for putting on ashow for u. if u dont like it stay home then!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!

08-18-2010 1:40:34 PM CST
don't know yet still up in the air.

08-18-2010 12:26:06 PM CST
is he going to be back this weekend?

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