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08-26-2010 8:57:00 PM CST
a blind fold race would end up being cleaner then the last few Road Runner races ive seen. Im not saying the road runners wreck alot but id rather fly in an airplane with JFK Jr. then be on the track with these guys

Stevie Wonder
08-26-2010 8:30:51 PM CST
You know.....With all the bumps on the track, I probably would be able to read the track better than some[Helen]. Maybe we should do a blindfold race, like they did in that show Carpocolypse. Blindfold the driver and have passenger spotter.

08-26-2010 8:15:17 PM CST
Who are all these people? And who thinks we wreck soo much? The rookies, outlaws, and classic lites all wreck too...

stevie wonder award
08-26-2010 8:13:56 PM CST
tough call, either 05 or 40

stevie award
08-26-2010 6:32:23 PM CST
ok this could be fun pick your stevie wonder driver of the year!!!

08-26-2010 4:50:24 PM CST
if anyone ever wanted to know what it would be like to see either Hellen Keller or Stevie Wonder drive... all the would ever have to do is watch the 05 car drive in traffic

Hellen Keller
08-26-2010 2:02:29 PM CST
Yea, Stevie Wonder drives like shit.

Stevie Wonder
08-26-2010 1:00:14 PM CST

08-26-2010 11:14:33 AM CST
no, i've seen races with 25 cars this year (upwards of 35 at some divisions/tracks) and its not this bad. This is just people with little to no respect for each other just dive bombing each other trying to make up 10 spots in 3 laps with no regard for the results.

re: dusty
08-26-2010 9:54:10 AM CST
that is because there are about 20 cars a week out there, when you have 20 cars going into a corner 3 or 4 wide they will have contact, and they are running so close they cant always check up to avoid it.

08-26-2010 9:50:10 AM CST
the way the road runners have been racing and wrecking this year i think Stevie wonder might actually be driving out there.

petition star !! next joke
08-26-2010 12:56:10 AM CST
petition star...have a better chance of stevie wonder racing at hudson and winning...

Leon 13K enduro
08-25-2010 9:10:48 PM CST
The howler isnt going to happen. the pumpkinfest is the last big enduro of 2008. get the word out if people want that howler type race that they need to be a hudson international on October 17th. i wont be at that cause im going to be in Thompson CT for the weekend. ------- As for the Labor day event, I can say the A7 and A5jr are coming over for the Grand enduros, ill be there for the 4 cyls, the 15mini stock may be there for the roadrunners. Im still working very hard to get more and more Monadnock cars to come over. maybe the 84 and the 12 will come over for enduros as well.

to hudson fan
08-25-2010 2:47:55 PM CST
the labor day race and pumpkinfest dont even come close to the howler. PETITION to open star for the howler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hudson fan
08-25-2010 1:12:49 PM CST
the howeller is history, just run the labor day race, or the pumpkin fest

bobby mac hater
08-25-2010 12:46:12 PM CST
any news about the howller will it be run will webber run it at star has webber got the track back bobby mac if you read this you suck

Enduro Challenge
08-25-2010 10:45:30 AM CST
Less than 2 weeks until the Enduro Challenge! Get those cars ready!

johnny r 11x
08-23-2010 6:59:28 PM CST
20 rr call davids garage in derry, witch is dave joyce. he should have one, he is the roundy round parts guy in the area

08-23-2010 5:34:44 PM CST
Does anyone know a place around where they sell firesuits? I know online, but i would like to try it on before I buy one, maybe a kart racing track?

MattH   mherweck@GMAIL.COM
08-23-2010 2:49:15 PM CST

roland coutu car #26
08-22-2010 6:43:04 PM CST
jt . what do u have for a rookie car?

roland coutu car#26
08-22-2010 6:40:40 PM CST
ya this really sucks and i cant go next week so it will be 2 weeks for me

08-22-2010 11:37:07 AM CST
This sucks, no racing.

08-21-2010 9:46:40 AM CST
not a rookie, a sponsor

JT   djtexc@verizon.net
08-20-2010 4:12:46 PM CST
20RR if interested Email me

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