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09-03-2010 9:34:49 PM CST
who won on sunday

Zombie Boy
09-03-2010 7:16:13 PM CST
To #20's girlfriend, do not let this "poophead" get to you. He is the lowest form of life their is. Maybe when he gets his penis enlargement surgery, he will be a little nicer to the ladies. So come on by the # 20 this weekend and if you get the ball implant surgery and want to voice your comments in person I'll bet there will be a line waiting to meet you. I hope your not a driver in any division, cause you just gave everyone the right to "RUB" you!!! Good Luck, You Rancid Bag Of Pus.

09-03-2010 6:13:43 PM CST
It's people like "Roadrunners Suck" that ruin this page. There is no need to talk shit about someones girlfriend, or better yet about them. #1: You probably don't even know them. #2: Your probably a stupid ass fan, who doesn't even drive racecar, but is a BIG shit talker.... I think Sunday you should introduce yourself to the #20 and his girlfriend, then everyone in the pits can see what a REAL man you are, loser!!!!!!

Danielle #20's girlfriend
09-03-2010 3:37:08 PM CST
To whoever roadrunners sucks is...I'm not quite sure what I ever did to you and I'm sorry that you feel that way about me...It's a shame that you hide behind a nickname because I would LOVE to meet you sometime...I don't who you are and my guess is that you don't know me either...I go to have a good time with new friends and watch racing...so the fact that you think I'm a FAT ASS is your opinion...Based on how you have oh so clearly judged me my guess is that you are a "perfect 10" so I'm hoping to be able to meet you Sunday at the races that is...if your man enough to confront a FAT ASS like me...since I'm not quite sure what I have done to you (I would love to know)...so if anyone feels the need to talk shit about me at least say it to my face and not post it on a blog covering up your identity.

Danielle #20\\
09-03-2010 3:26:51 PM CST
To whoever roadrunner sucks is...I don\\

Leon 13K enduro
09-03-2010 11:09:47 AM CST
Some of you really need to grow up. i dont know who made the comments to miles but your a jackass tool bag. you probably dont even know the guy so just shut it for real. and im going to talk up this event like crazy at monadnock tomorrow and see if i cant drum up some last minute interest. More Grand Enduros will come over from monadnock then the 4's im guessing but ill be there to represent the 4cyl division. i miss all my hudson friends and its been too long since ive seen you guys.

09-03-2010 10:10:50 AM CST
Whoops disappeared over the years

09-03-2010 10:09:23 AM CST
Frank I hope all to regulars of hudson are there!Be nice to see some of the old guys that have diapered over the years and I hope monadnock guys show up should be an awesome race

09-03-2010 9:22:56 AM CST
bunch of cool people on here now! why dont u all let the stearing wheel do the talkin and shut ur mouth. what u cnt beat them on the track so u gotta talk s*.

09-03-2010 8:13:24 AM CST
who drags someones's girl into this bullshit???

09-03-2010 8:13:23 AM CST
who drags someones's girl into this bullshit???

09-03-2010 7:52:52 AM CST
Anyone know who will be showing up for the endoro races?

Really people?
09-03-2010 7:24:25 AM CST
Now you're just being mean!

09-03-2010 6:44:43 AM CST
who ever "roadrunners suck" is, come down and see me sunday...

09-02-2010 9:56:05 PM CST
i am not hiding no need to look me up .i will be by pit row next week. i just dont like to see people get screwed by stupid mistakes and comments they make.

05rr fan
09-02-2010 9:47:42 PM CST
special bus comes early to the track

roadrunners suck
09-02-2010 9:42:37 PM CST
hey 20 car..........FUCK YOU your car suck hows ur ugly rear bumper u shud be in thunder lites u cry baby homo grow up and race....you suck.... change your tampon... eat a snickers and fuckin wipe you twat u suck and ur a heffa lover

pigman sucks
09-02-2010 9:37:17 PM CST
pigman suck a hog ur behind a name too

reference to pigman
09-02-2010 8:01:56 PM CST
You may not notice but we have repititive drivers who show up each week and their attention are to just spin or wreck others. It is aggrevating when we show up to race and put money and time and have to deal with this issue. If you were or do visit other tracks in all respect.. Hudson has very loose rules compared to other tracks. so drivers show up each week doing what they know how to do best wreck other cars. Why do many stay at Hudson because of the core people who run Hudson and some great friends to race with. It seems the only way to rectify this is take it back out on the track or here. Every division has these type of drivers and some are in the top 5 because they dont know how to pass or be ptient so they drive others off the track or wreck to pass and win races. Take time to watch each division and when there is a yellow flag who is doing what. You will clearly see what was just stated. The fields have greatly grown in the past two years and with that you get some very inexperienced drivers with attitudes.

Randy Phillips Jr
09-02-2010 6:28:20 PM CST
I have been a die hard fan of Hudson speedway I've been coming to this race track before i was born i wish i could go back soon but moneys tight so maybe

09-02-2010 2:55:24 PM CST
does the #88RR have 2 cars or 3, because 2 are one craigslist pretty cheap.

09-01-2010 8:38:55 PM CST
i have been coming to the races for the past 2 years and last year was fine but this year all i read about is this person spun me out and this person cant drive just shut the hell up and drive or dont.all the men and woman that put alot of hard work and many dollars into this,dont need to be critisized every week, the people that bitch hide behind some screen names be a man about it and confront the people you bitch about and maybe this shit would all end so we can enjoy the races like we are suppose to. thanks for your time.

Enduros Out Of The Woodwork
09-01-2010 8:46:01 AM CST
With the much anticipated Enduro Challenge coming up this week, will we see any of the old Enduro drivers come out of the woodwork? The Legere Brothers & their M-cars The Dubes Lane Hodgkins Jean Desilets Stefani Swain Brian Destefano Christin Burns Ryan Foley Ed Flannigan Mark Parenteau Jeff Wheeler Will Andy Nichols bring out the 4cyl truck? Hope to see them all, and more, on Labor Day.

08-31-2010 7:56:45 PM CST
wasnt able to attend this pat weekend was looking for video of this past weekend races rr rookie race etc?

Leon 13K enduro
08-31-2010 1:12:05 PM CST
it IS still out there. it was on Craigslist 2 weeks ago. got sold quick tho. think it was rebuilt, and new body panels added. AS for old cars. A lot of them get sold off with damage for cheepish then abused, or raced for a few events broken then raped for parts, and peices before going to the crushers. One i know of; Emmerson Cayers old car, is still running. its all beat up and looks like its ready for the bone pile but its running top 5's over at monadnock still to this day.

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