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roland coutu car # 26
09-21-2010 9:34:08 PM CST
what i ment buy that was stock off the road cars with saftey mods like thay were in the 80's and not using street stock moters

car 31
09-21-2010 8:34:03 PM CST
id say we already have a real rookie class at hudson.... am i wrong?

roland coutu car # 26
09-21-2010 6:22:41 PM CST
no! u cant run the stuff thay do at hudson at star . and ther would still be tomany class to run in the alowed time.run some class at hudson and some at star .hudson,road runners,thunder lites,enduros,and a real rookie class. at star stricklys,streets,road runners . and at both at diffrent alternating weeks v-6 mods, outlaws and others. wendsday nights enduro night

Go fast turn left
09-21-2010 9:14:33 AM CST
Matt the BBQ PIT Master

Go fast turn left
09-21-2010 9:13:00 AM CST
What are the BBQ bro's cooking this weekend????

Go fast turn left
09-21-2010 9:08:22 AM CST
Update the points already

09-20-2010 5:53:20 PM CST
I would race both. I would have to be conservative at star as to not break too much, but I would try to run back to back. I like hudson, but I want to try other places too. Maybe Lee and hudson?

next season
09-20-2010 4:46:15 PM CST
That would make sense... bigger pits larger track better condition.... more spaces for the fans to park...just would take alot of getting the word back out to regain the confidence back in star for drivers fans to come back.....Just out of curiosity how many drivers would leave hudson to race at star if Hudson didnt shut down... no way you can race saturday night and come back for a sunday?? Do a Poll how many drivers would leave hudson to race at star?

09-20-2010 4:40:43 PM CST

09-20-2010 3:22:22 PM CST
So now that the Webber family has control of Star Speedway again, are they going to run the Halloween Howler this year? INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW! :)

09-19-2010 9:54:20 PM CST
why is it such a struggle to keep the point updated? just because the drivers may know what about the fans? Go to any other track and its always kept up to date for fans etc.... guess you can tell this track is winding down for the season!

09-17-2010 5:36:14 AM CST

5th place ?? AWESOME !!!! Thanks man, that was fun, can't wait till Oct. 17th, gonna miss the next 1 on the 26th I'll be in Delaware

09-16-2010 5:32:15 PM CST
Maybe if lee has a web page, it will be faster finding it there. I would like to no who won, i could not atend this past sunday.

09-16-2010 9:34:34 AM CST
should be up around 9/25/10

car 31
09-16-2010 6:03:11 AM CST
i wish someone would update the page and points!!!

09-15-2010 8:24:04 PM CST
Platco metals ? I wish they would sponsor a division instead of a single car. Maybe the "Rookies" or the "Outlaws"

09-15-2010 8:11:35 PM CST
I wonder who got the sponsorship from \\\

car 31
09-13-2010 11:17:29 AM CST
yea i must say it was fun way more fun than breaking a right front rotor!

09-12-2010 9:09:19 PM CST
congrats 2 the 31 rookie on your feature win sunday car looked great keep up yhe good work guys

09-12-2010 4:19:35 PM CST
jarrod congrats on your 1st feature win congrats as well to the 57 who finished second, could have gone either way,after the last 2 races j you deserved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#40 car rr
09-12-2010 12:03:48 AM CST
If you started to drive better you would be looking at a championship as well....dont know who is worse you or the 69 for running over or pushing cars out of the way to pass or win...

#40 car rr
09-12-2010 12:03:43 AM CST
If you started to drive better you would be looking at a championship as well....dont know who is worse you or the 69 for running over or pushing cars out of the way to pass or win...

Enduro Rules
09-11-2010 9:08:57 AM CST
Now the attentions of the enduro Division is pretty much like grabbing a car out of the junk yard running on the weekends? Its giving the driver the opportunity at an entry level to try racing am I correct?

# 40
09-10-2010 9:02:33 PM CST
Hey Dustyballs, its to bad your not a driver because if your car ran as good as your mouth, you would be looking at a Championship.

Enduro Finish
09-10-2010 8:00:33 AM CST
Ryan Foley, who drove the black and orange #16 in the Grand Enduro, finished 3rd and is a Hudson Driver.

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