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Recon XXX
09-27-2010 3:50:03 PM CST
I have been spending all my extra time with Derek and his car. It's ashame to let them sit. When I have run them I have not had the time to set them up. They are both front running cars with a little time spent on them. The monte uses oil but still runs good. I would love to see them winning again. If I dont sell them I will run them at Pumpkin fest and the Howler.

Re: Recon XXX
09-27-2010 3:42:23 PM CST
Why are you selling John?

V8 Enduro 9/26
09-27-2010 8:31:54 AM CST
Great to see the Monadnock drivers back at Hudson, it made for another great enduro. Congratulations to the winners!

Leon 13K enduro
09-26-2010 8:48:33 PM CST
yes, forgot that scotty and billy ran. great job by todays v8 guys. Great hard racing between the 1x of Dan Yagmin, and the #10 enduro car. awesome job and a fun race by all.

09-26-2010 9:47:33 AM CST
Good showing of enduro drivers at Monadnock last night, dont forget Billy Clement and Scotty Duval. All put on a good show. I think there were a number of enduro casualties last night but word is a lot of Monadnock guys will be at Hudson today so get ready for another good show.

Leon 13K enduro
09-26-2010 8:09:30 AM CST
want to thank ALL the Hudson drivers that came over and raced super saturday. 13, 53, 16, 88, 38 fullsize enduros (ryan foley was top hudson enduro in 5th i think, Geoff Rollins in the 02 "super stock" who was on his way to a win untill the left front went down while battling 3 wind for the lead, and Loren Smith in the 42 "mini stock" who had a very respectable showing 6/7/8th untill some contact sent him to the pits early. class act by all the guys and we REALLY hope to have another enduro showdown soon that may alson invite other drivers from other divisions. 20 something full aize enduros was awesome to see. hoping to see you guys this afternoon as the 13k is gonna come over and give the 4 cyls a shot today one more time.

johnny r 11x
09-25-2010 11:47:05 AM CST
hey fan your right i had my green neon then and any one of eight to ten guys could win and we raced each other clean we were like a faternity or something it was cool

a fan
09-25-2010 9:04:32 AM CST
the same people are not running enduros as before due to econemy and other divions but the lazeir bro. ,terio,duby, d,alba, reefer,richards,and a number of others that all raced at hudson and star when 60 cars in the 4 or 8s was the norm could go any where and smoke the feild. i no we showed the country boys at caanan how to race.hudson and star defenetly had the fastest enduro drivers and probly stil do,you just need to get a few people riled up.

09-25-2010 7:43:20 AM CST
why the name callin we at hudson had nothing but respect and good words for the monadnock drivers at the last enduro now you call us no balls you are a jerk thankfully most of ths other monadnock people are not like you

"tech inspection "
09-24-2010 11:09:31 PM CST
You are right there should be alot more tech inspection to make racing even it's bs that the guys who make big bucks always win when us guys bairly payin bills that love the sport cant even be a decent competitor they shud crack down on the rules so we can all be part of the fun not just getting in the way

"tech inspection "
09-24-2010 11:09:31 PM CST
You are right there should be alot more tech inspection to make racing even it's bs that the guys who make big bucks always win when us guys bairly payin bills that love the sport cant even be a decent competitor they shud crack down on the rules so we can all be part of the fun not just getting in the way

09-24-2010 2:19:34 PM CST
What would it take for drivers once they come off their trailers go over scales/tech inspection affix label to windshield for their division that they need to run in? Then I think you will quickly seperate the rookies and stricklys... Its still great racing what we have but it will give the crew that is a true rookie team an opportunity to race with other rookie teams. Then have Hudson at their discression move the car up if they feel they are ready for the strictlys. What are the purses for the divisions to begin with?

Brent F
09-24-2010 12:08:00 PM CST
them hudson enduro drivers got no balls, probably like 3 of them will show at monadnock tomorrow. its all good, they can stay over on fantasy island while the big dogs take care of business on saturday night AT THE DOG!

Rookies vs strickly's
09-24-2010 10:28:02 AM CST
You are certainly correct about the division having a mixture of cars. How can you move up a division when there isnt one to do so? You go from the rookies to oulaws? With Star opening back up 2011 I think its going to change the schedule dramatically that it wont become an issue at Hudson... You also have to look at this from a fan base as well.. you have fans returning back to Star how is that going to impact racing at Hudson on Sunday? you cant say either well they did it yrs ago and it worked... but the economy was much stronger dependable... when Star and Hudson were running back to back.. Has been some incredible racing this season and all you guys/ladies based on the economy have certainly provided some awesome racing... you know what type of car you have every weekend ... so you decide do I win by cheating or do I go and race in the division I belong in???

Recon XXX
09-24-2010 8:07:58 AM CST

ENDURO CARS FOR SALE. I am selling my enduro cars. 1975 montecarlo always a top 5 car with a few wins. Last years HALLOWEEN HOWLER WINNER. $1500 And my 94 caprice police pkg that has also won a bunch of races $750. Thanks John (603) 801 3127

pink shirt finally gone!!!! BOUT TIME!!!
09-23-2010 10:14:40 PM CST

Thank god star is back!! I cant wait to run there hopefully on a full time schedule next season.. i like hudson but sundays kinda suck, im so happy the pink shirt wearing show stopper is gone!!! that guy was a complete failure and all he did was stop the show not one thing he did made any sense at all... so good bye mac wish you wouldve failed sooner thanks again for ruining one of new englands best tracks for a few years.. and i know that it will take no time at all for star to be up and running again, word will spread so fast that pink shirt is GONE and the cars and fans will be there. i know of 5 RR all ready who plan on it

09-23-2010 4:27:25 PM CST
Anyone looking for 13 inch vega rims

09-23-2010 4:25:14 PM CST
Anyone looking for 13\\\

racing fan   mtirishlover@gmail.com
09-23-2010 9:05:53 AM CST
cannot upload photos on here so that us fans can view them . please fix problems so that fan can view the photos. thanks

roland coutu car #26
09-22-2010 7:54:09 PM CST
word is webber is just waiting to pass his inspection and thay are going to run the 16th and 30th the howeler hope every thing works out

09-22-2010 6:15:00 PM CST
so star is running the howler?

car 31
09-22-2010 4:40:23 PM CST
well i have no budget and we still do it . and i do belive we are the only division who doesent get on here and bitch about drivers cars ect... i find that the only people who complain about the rookies are people that dont run in the rookie division! i think all the guys that run in the rookies are a great bunch of guys and the cars are pretty damn close finishes will prove that.... just a few thoughts from my mind.

johnny r 11x
09-22-2010 11:07:45 AM CST
i read in the paper that star will run on oct 16 and run the howler does any one no what divions will be there besides enduros also where are the points

Re: Car 31
09-22-2010 6:39:04 AM CST
No, I'd say we DON'T have a real rookie division at Hudson. The rookies were intended to be low-budget, entry level racing (see the rules section). They have evolved quite a bit. Being in the pits and talking to alot of the rookies teams, there are MULTIPLE guys who have said "yea this is a super street with street tires on it". A super street is 2 or 3 levels higher than the intended "rookie" stocks...the name alone tells you that the "rookies" were ment for "rookie" drivers. You can't tell us those rookie cars dont have upwards of 4, 5, 6 thousand dollars invested in them. Those of us who have been around racing know, we aren't dummies. Is there anything wrong with that? No. That's what the division has progressed to and so be it. It draws a large field every week. But I think what Roland is trying to say is change the name of the to Rookies to strictlys and bring the rookies back to low-budget, entry level racing.

dont split racing up!!
09-22-2010 2:18:39 AM CST
your not going to keep all the divisions at hudson no way or split them ... to many teams running on a shoe string budget as it is.. maybe for the spectators/ flagpole cause all your doing is throwing gas in the car.... whats possibly going to happen most if not all outlaws return back to star and maybe even some of the rookies and hudson will go back to its two division racing.... track is in far better condition well the last time there pits are bigger and once the crowd get established going to be a decent purse... to get drivers fans back going to have to offer top money to win.. and could still run the v6 and big blocks ... there is no way i see drivers racing saturday night and coming back to hudson for a sunday race... drivers will be broke in a couple weeks and then there will be no racing at either track. maybe its time to put hudson to rest and reestablish star as a premier track like it used to be.. Just because that idiot ruined it for many doesnt mean we cant rebuild it and show NH we are back!!

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