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howler time
10-05-2010 6:48:49 PM CST
yes star is back its posted om facebook by daniell the 16 and 30th preregistration for the howller is the 29th TY MR AND MRS WEBBER

Leon 13K enduro
10-04-2010 9:02:57 PM CST
e-mail sent. congrats to all the winners this weekend. And Jen lord, i followed you in the Road runner feature for the last 5 or so laps before the yellow flag... you did an hell of a good job for a "dangerous Hack Driver" LOL! keep it up and dont let people get to you.

10-04-2010 7:39:45 PM CST
i didnt say thay couldnt voice there apinion .but dont talk shit about every one on the site. what do u have to talk about.and i have a car but no cash to run it every week and keep up with street stocks. so it looks like ill be running the lawnmower next year too.and ill still run the enduros and spectaters even if i do run the rookie car next year.its about having fun . not who can spend more money.so funny how somany use a screen name to hide behind .just use ur name so people know who u are.

RR#20   devits88@yahoo.com
10-04-2010 6:55:30 PM CST
Leon-13K, send me an email and i can meet you with those tires this week a day, then you could run them sunday.

10-04-2010 5:58:00 PM CST
Funny how your allowed to voice your opinion #26 but you tell everyone else to shut up...by the way you going to get a real race car for next season or drive that lawnmower around the track again

roland coutu car # 26
10-04-2010 5:46:20 PM CST
i must be doing somthing right. if thay dont like u. u know u have won.

10-04-2010 4:35:34 PM CST
Thanks alot!!

#12 FAN
10-04-2010 3:37:22 PM CST
Nice job on your 2nd roadrunner win yesterday Derek!! You deserve it. Great race with the 77 at the end. Good luck next week!

10-04-2010 9:09:31 AM CST
is the howler on or not keep hearing yes no maybe not yet would be nice 2 now for sure gettin tired of waiting thinking of putting cars awat for the winter deral please let us know SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON

10-03-2010 8:41:37 PM CST
hey roland shut up!

roland coutu car# 26
10-03-2010 7:52:49 PM CST
had a blast this week cant wait till next

Deryl Morley
10-01-2010 6:25:34 PM CST
Tires and rims to start with. Check the Rookie Stock rules on the website. Plenty of room for more cars on the track (we can start them 3 wide)

10-01-2010 6:01:57 PM CST
can a lee hobby stock run as a rookie stock, and if so what needs to be changed?

10-01-2010 2:56:17 PM CST
thanks glen

10-01-2010 1:12:37 PM CST
33 rookie/or 36 rookie 3500.00 complete or 1200 rollers. both car have won with green drivers. moveing up in class reason 4 sale.603-488-5362

Leon 13K enduro
10-01-2010 10:42:04 AM CST
...so sad...

10-01-2010 5:23:01 AM CST
I think its pritty funny

roland coutu
09-30-2010 7:41:23 PM CST
grow up.ur the 1 using a ????? insted of ur name ur just a fake like somany others on here.thats y this site is bad.

09-30-2010 7:30:12 PM CST
me because your talkink like a preschool teacher

roland coutu
09-30-2010 7:27:31 PM CST
who is this telling me to shut up

roland coutu
09-30-2010 7:26:04 PM CST
how is this telling me to shut up?

09-30-2010 7:20:39 PM CST
roland shut up

roland coutu car # 26
09-30-2010 7:19:27 PM CST
people if u dont have anything to say thats nice dont post it.u need to grow up and if u arnt out on the track just keep ur mouth shut all together.

09-30-2010 7:05:34 PM CST
i'm sorry but did it say anything about your name and about killing somone it's a new thing called sarcasim and if anything i did not start this you did I just made a comment and meegan responded back politly

#24's #1 Fan (Meegan's Mother)
09-30-2010 5:00:28 PM CST
John, before you "jump to conclusions," it was actually Meegan's mother who wrote that comment. And where did it even mention my husbands name. So, ya maybe I did jump to a conclusion, but why did you have to comment to my daughter. Because she stuck up for her cousin??? Yes, I was mad, she commented about her cousin and you bring up her name. Sorry, but I don't think that's cool. So again, it was me Meegan's mother who made that comment, not her father. And in no mention did anyone say anything about killing someone (before you again, "jump to conclusions.")This is the problem with these web boards, you stick up for someone and it gets turned around on you.

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