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Leon 13K enduro
10-09-2010 9:34:33 PM CST
i was told, road runner, outlaw sportsmen, rookie stocks. The flag pole and spectator 10 lapper are also a go. no word on the thunder lights.

10-09-2010 6:39:50 PM CST
What divisions will be at Star on the 16th? I can not find any info on that date. Thank You

10-09-2010 5:47:17 PM CST
we need a pumpkin fest bake off!

10-09-2010 4:08:47 PM CST
I will have some sort of baked goods at the pit next to Leon.

Leon 13K enduro
10-09-2010 2:07:55 PM CST
Home made fresh donuts holes at the 13K pits tomorrow. come get you some :-)

season winding down
10-09-2010 5:53:51 AM CST
The season is winding down and of course its an opportunity to have "Paybacks". Just remember serious injury can result of this. I happen to watch a video lately of this from another track in the midwest. It was the last race of the season short track. This person had been roughing it up all season with every one. Towards the last several laps this known driver was driven into the wall. The car was hit several times after that and was removed from the car by extraction and the roof had to be cut off....Think about before you consider doing a payback! Thanks to all the drivers young and old for a great entertaining season!!

johnny r 11x
10-08-2010 12:12:24 PM CST
20 rr what i found is i can make it down the strait at hudson but not at star you need less gear and a softer rf spring to get trough 4 for starters

10-08-2010 9:33:24 AM CST
dont forget your snowsuit burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

10-08-2010 3:45:31 AM CST
no rookies no road runners no racing tires no headers 7inch tires n rims on v8sno excis bars on front all must have stock bumpers welded or chained 2 chains on front and rear bumper no glass windshield ok cars must be stpiped clean inside all chrome outside must be removed do not break glass in car no antifreeze

10-07-2010 9:23:19 PM CST
Does a roadrunner need more camber for star, since there is less banking. Or does the better surface give better grip. Any pointers on setup...

Leon 13K enduro
10-07-2010 8:56:42 PM CST
Johnny, Road Runners have been confirmed for the 16th.

10-07-2010 8:55:00 PM CST
what does "tech" involve in the halloween howler?

blue camaro
10-07-2010 8:53:37 PM CST
i hope this all happens

johnny r 11x
10-07-2010 7:57:07 PM CST
does any one know if rookies and roadrunners are going to run on the 16th and the 30th like old times, or what will be running.

blue camaro
10-07-2010 7:55:44 PM CST
getting her ready

10-07-2010 7:42:42 PM CST
same rules as when mr webber ran it 4 years ago cars will be teched before entering pits then before going on track 6 s must run with 8s

10-07-2010 7:04:28 PM CST
is stara defanite

roland coutu car #26
10-07-2010 6:27:00 PM CST
my cars ready cant wait till the 30th might have 1 for both races 4s and 8s

10-07-2010 3:21:58 PM CST
nice me and about 5 buddys are getting the cars ready

Re: Howler Rules
10-07-2010 2:50:31 PM CST
Run What'cha Brung!

Howler Rules
10-07-2010 2:49:30 PM CST
WOW your first Howler, youre in for a treat... There is a 4cyl enduro and an 8cyl enduro. 6s usually sneak in with whatever one they want. The ladies enduro is any lady who wants to drive any car before hand. Usually a lot of wives and girlfriends putting around the track and a handful of experienced drivers running laps around the rest. As for rules...there are none. Oh ya, try not to die. Can't wait.

Jessie (07's Girl)   jessie@angrypork.com
10-07-2010 1:38:20 PM CST
What are the rules for the Howler - are they posted anywhere? And what about the ladies race before it? Just wondering what cars are allowed... as in 4cyl & 8cyl? Do they compete together? Trucks allowed? Same questions for the ladies race. I've never been to a Howler, so I have no idea...

Howler Cars
10-07-2010 10:11:31 AM CST
I have 3 ready to go!

10-06-2010 5:37:05 PM CST
howlers on for this year get your cars ready

61 rr
10-05-2010 7:44:47 PM CST
Thanks leon

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