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# 40
10-12-2010 4:12:49 PM CST
Leon, is there any way you can post your in-car video?

integracer 17E   jessetellier@aol.com
10-12-2010 3:59:08 PM CST

honda civic for sale!!! great howler car $300 needs an altenator... i have one dont know if its any good though

# 40
10-12-2010 3:53:24 PM CST
I kinda figured thats why you didn't say anything, those damn police. They remind me of Librarians, except instead of getting detention, you get arrested. I was hoping someone would post a video of the feature on U-tube, but if not your Moms film will do.

10-12-2010 1:35:35 PM CST
would be nice to have points updated before the last race so we knew where the competition is going to be for the race

Leon 13K
10-12-2010 1:19:45 PM CST
if i wasn't racing road runners Sunday id be more then happy to help park trucks and trailers if it ment getting more people the ability to park tow vehicles with their trailers inside the fence. Not bitching, was just making a point. It dont effect me, my car is a road runner now, im pitting inside anyways so its dont effect me in anyway. as for the Wreck, i also have an on board camera and it looks to me that the 40/20 Roadie wreck was a racing deal mostly. At least that is how it looked to me.

10-12-2010 11:03:25 AM CST
THe reason i didnt say anything is because i was pissed, and the hudson police were right at the pit exit, I heard you say, I got loose, and say you go into the wall and followed me there. If i had said anything, it would have started a big fight in the pits, and i dont feel like getting arrested for stupid shit. And my mom has the video on her phone and i will bring it next week so you can see.

enduro cars
10-12-2010 9:56:32 AM CST
hey leon i said enduro trailers have to stay out of the pits enduro cars can go in after you unload no trailers in pits enduro cars ok 2 go in you are allways the first to bitch relax

10-12-2010 6:46:12 AM CST
i vote leon as parking lot attendant because when there were 60 rookie cars 35 yrs ago the problem was worse then

10-12-2010 2:04:23 AM CST

Ihope i'm not the only 1 in pink

# 40
10-12-2010 12:31:31 AM CST
Does anyone have video of the RR feature? I would like the 20RR to see what really happened. Miles, you say you saw everything and it was my fault? then how come you didn't have anything to say when I was over at your pit helping you get your car on the trailer? But now you remember everything. It sucks what happened, i've been there many times myself, but when have you seen me on here running my mouth?

car 31
10-11-2010 8:20:27 PM CST
so now we are bitching about parking? maybe next we can bitch about the weather then next the bathrooms.....just race

roland coutu car# 26
10-11-2010 7:14:19 PM CST
its not that big of a deal. we have a place that we can go race right. i bring 3 spectater cars and a enduro car on enduro weeks and thay are parked at the far corner out side the pit.not that far.buy the time we run i bring my tires and stuff in to the pit were some 1 has left.just have fun it dont mater if we have to park outside the pit just go have fun hope there are a lot of enduro cars this week.

10-11-2010 5:39:08 PM CST
you dont pay to park in the pits. you pay to be in the pits. people who dont race pay the same to be in there as the drivers. not everyone can park behind their trailer because then they would be in peoples way who are driving out onto the track. maybe hudson has parking problems but focusing on safety and making sure the crowd has a good time and paying the drivers after the race is probably more important than making sure an enduro car has a good parking spot. just saying you are making a big deal out of nothing. racing is supposed to be fun. you shouldnt worry about the little things. just go and have a good time.

Leon 13K enduro
10-11-2010 4:52:57 PM CST
enduros pay the same amount to be in the pits as the rookies, outlaws, v6's ect.. they should get to use it equally. SAME with EVERY car that pays to get in the pits regardless of division. What takes up space is people unloading cars next to their own trucks/trailers taking up 2 or in some cases 2 1/2 spaces for one car. thats the problem that never seems to be addressed. dont take it out on one specific class of car, and dont call out people just make people park more responsibly

why so mad?
10-11-2010 4:35:12 PM CST
the parking lot isnt that far away. you cant walk an extra few feet? they had to pick someone to stay out. why not the enduros? i think it has more to do with the fact that enduros arent there every week like the figure 8s and spectators are. my guess anyway.

enduro in parking lot
10-11-2010 11:14:32 AM CST
thats so stupid, tell junkers to stay out untill after the classic lites are over. they take up less space then the enduro cars. But of course the figure 8 flag pole, and 10 lapper cars will all be in the pits. wonder if this will apply to the 69's enduro car too... doubt it

jeff james 47
10-11-2010 9:56:44 AM CST
hey miles it wasnt erics falt at all the 40 and 77 got 2gether (well the 77 cut him off) 77 cut done the 40s pass front tire 40 had no control u were on the outside u were in the wrong spot at the wrong time thats all its racing it happens so ya ur pointin the figure in the wrong direction again

10-11-2010 3:00:12 AM CST
next sunday enduro trailers wil not be allowed in the pits unload them in parking lot

10-10-2010 11:02:18 PM CST
I watched the whole thing, the #40 was out of control like usual, got loose, side slapped the #77, and then came back heading straight into my car. I slammed the wall, and #40 hit the wall lightly behind me. So Im just saying its pretty bad when we cant even cross the line on a restart before he is out of control.

roadrunner 20
10-10-2010 9:01:48 PM CST
it was not the 40 that caused the wreck the 77 came done on him and cut done his right front tire

Dana Sullivan   OnoRacing@aol.com
10-10-2010 6:50:24 PM CST
Would be nice if they would post what's going on at STAR on the Racin Paper site. Gets confusing trying to get any info on the "facebook" pages. Dana

10-10-2010 5:34:59 PM CST
I would like to thank the #40RR for not being able to drive his ca without wrecking EVERY race, this time it put my car head on into the wall, done for the season with heavy damage, but it dos seem fixable through the winter. Shit happens, and I was on the wrong end of the stick.

king kong
10-10-2010 4:03:06 PM CST
well lets see how many people will use there iq of 0 to blame only 1 driver for today!!!!!!

10-10-2010 11:05:23 AM CST
i am about to make a full time enduro car out of a 1980 camaro,there are alot of good parts if someone has one that needs anything,interior or doors ,fenders,glass. if you want panels ill need to have a replacement panel to swap out plus cash.or possibly trade for already set up enduro class car [still have that xxx monte john?]i should have it for the winter till i tear into it towards spring. e-mail sdh19746@yahoo.com see yall for pumpkinfest!!!

10-10-2010 8:33:07 AM CST
the spectator cars at star must be registerd and inspected no junks like hudson flags will be used

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